How to Choose three X Factors in Madden 21

Madden 21 has three franchise model renewal programs. The first released in November, Author: Newsgeek as gamers continue to play Madden 21, and EA hopes to update the game, especially in Franchise Mode regularly.  When EA detailed the franchise model’s chances in this year’s game, the fans were not happy. Many people believe that these changes are more like patch notes than actual upgrades compared to last year’s version. Some of these adjustments include expanding the playoffs and updating rookie contracts. However, after recognizing how the community accepts news, the publisher stated that it is trying to promote the model to places where players are satisfied.

Choose three X Factors in Madden 21

Choose three X Factors in Madden 21

Overall, EA plans to abandon three different updates to the franchise model. The first match will occur in mid-November, and players do not need to restart their franchise to implement changes.

The following is a plan provided by Madden’s official blog to make changes to the franchise model in Madden 21:

X factor/Superstar ability customization:

The community’s high demand for this feature allows the commissioner to assign the X factor to any player by editing the player function. Once the player meets the criteria for unlocking the X-element abilities, the commissioner can edit his player’s Superstar and Superstar X-element abilities by selecting available characters from his position group. Users can control this feature through offline and online franchisee rights.

Player card occupation statistics UI:

Over the years, this has been the highest requirement of the community. The team is revising the player card statistics to include more contextual seasonal statistics, such as a week, opponent, and results, while also providing the player’s profession’s annual performance.

Development feature regression adjustment:

The team makes adjustments to player development characteristics under the franchise model to ensure that Superstar and X-Factor players maintain an appropriate balance when driving years of progress in the franchise.

Playoff bracket:

we will add a visual playoff bracket to the game to reflect the new wildcard format, allowing users to view the entire playoff picture.

EA also stated that it would continue to monitor feedback, and the content of the above list may change as it is implemented in the game.

When the announcement was made on social media, the Madden community continued to diverge over these latest proposed changes. Pro-professional players generally seem to be satisfied with these changes, while those who like the franchise model still feel that they are not doing enough.

No matter what arguments you fall into, it seems that EA still needs to work hard to win some of these participants.

How to change the player’s superstar ability in Madden 21 franchise mode

Sometimes, the elite players in the team will fall into useless superstar/x coefficient abilities. Fortunately, you will not be bothered by this ability forever.

In the Madden 21 franchise mode, two different methods can change the Superstar and X factor functions owned by the player. The first option is best for the offline franchise, and the second option is best for the online franchise.

Superstar X Factors

Superstar X Factors

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