How To Boost Your Internet Connectivity & Computer Performance During Work From Home?



Millions of people are encouraging work-from-home to support their office during this ongoing pandemic. This has surged internet traffic, leading to slow connectivity. If you face slow computer performance or interrupted internet issues, contact a reliable mobile computer repair shop. Mobile shops offer a one-stop-shop for all computer repairs, so check them out here for additional assistance.

The surge in internet traffic has led most prominent companies like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon to lower their streaming quality. Social media platforms are also struggling to deal with the sudden spike. So, how to speed up your internet? Let’s discuss some of the pointers that will help you to work seamlessly from home. 

Speed Up Your Laptop Speed

Let us first concentrate on topping up your laptop speed. Next, we will consider boosting up the speed of your internet. So, check them out here for a complete solution:

  • Remove Any Unnecessary Software

Any new system comes with many preloaded applications that you won’t use. It eats up your resources and causes your computer to become slow. You can locate it quickly from the pop-up prompting on the taskbar. Cleaning them from the cache will lighten up the disk space. Go to the main menu–Browse through the program list– Locate your program – Double tap on the icon – Choose to uninstall.

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  • Curtail Extra Programs At Start

People using Windows 10 will find an updated task manager that will help you to determine the programs running in the background. Go to Task Manager – Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc – A dialog box will appear – View the amount of RAM each program uses – right-click on the application to stop running a program.

  • Run A Diagnostic Check For Viruses

It’s hard to locate spyware affecting your PC. However, Windows 10 comes with Defender software, making it easier to run malware scans on the PC. You can also install other programs to remove any unwanted viruses. Virus cleaning up can solve most speed issues and remove the problem altogether. You can also install some good antivirus software to monitor and remove any spyware. If you want a complete list of viruses, check them out here and find a great collection within your budget.

  • Use Disk Cleanup And Fragmentation

There are several programs on the hard drive which you will find unnecessary. Disk cleanup allows you to delete these unwanted applications and free up space for regularly used programs. Go to the start button – type disk cleanup – perform a quick scan, locate the temporary files or unused applications, delete them automatically and clear up space.

How To Boost Your Internet Speed?

Everybody wants a faster internet connection, but the surge in traffic, hardware problems, and router may hinder the speed. If you require a quick and secured connection for your workstation, check them out here. 

  • Shift To Wired Connection 

Most people today are using WiFi to work from home. Wireless connection is incredible, no doubt, but they are not always fast. Broadband cable connections like ethernet work faster and are more reliable for long time users. The cable reaches the signal directly, causing minimal disruptions. You can also connect your TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming devices to the ethernet and get uninterrupted coverage. 

  • Install Virus Protection

If you are running your computer without antivirus protection, you are fighting against a lethal enemy. Malware can slow down your internet and cause many harmful issues for your laptop or desktop. If you want a complete list of the best antivirus protection in the market, check them out here. Once you get good software, it will automatically update to remove viruses and increase the connection speed. 

  • Change Your Provider

If you notice slow internet connectivity, it’s time to change your provider. No matter how many tips you try, everything will fail if your provider runs a slower connection. If you wish to know your current PC or mobile connection speed, check them out on different apps or desktop speed testing devices quickly on Google.

  • Block Unnecessary Ads

Every webpage comes with hundreds of ads. Your internet connectivity will suffer when you run these ads on your computer. Consider using a pop-up blocker or plugin to block these ads. It will give breathing room to your internet, and you can enjoy faster browsing speeds. 

If your computer stops working all of a sudden, call a mobile computer repair technician right now. Many experienced technicians offer door-to-door service in your locality. For a complete list, check them out here and find the best solution for your computer. 

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