How Laserglow Technology is improving Warehouse Safety?



Workplace safety measures are a vital need for all workers. Many people work in very delicate environments and any mistake or two may lead to a grievous injury. Some accidents may even lead to death. However, there are steps to ensure that these accidents are reduced to the barest minimum. Safety rules and regulations are set to help this course. Technology is also employed to ensure safety.

Warehouse accidents prevention

There are likelihoods of accidents when working around moving equipment. Accidents like collisions are common in such environments. Warehouses are an example of such environments. Inventions like the laserglow technology for warehouses have shown competence in reducing accidents. This technology by Prox-Secur in Montreal has seen wide acceptance.

What accidents are most common in warehouses ?

Many accidents occur in warehouses due to the moving of heavy materials. These accidents lead to terrible injuries. Warehouses record more frequent accidents than many other industries. Accidents in Warehouses include:

Forklift accidents

Many accidents occur in warehouses as a result of a collision with forklifts. Forklift accidents account for the bulk of accidents in warehouses. Tens of thousands of employees sustain an injury or more when working with forklifts. These accidents are often due to collisions.

Lifting accidents

Many warehouse workers sustain injuries while lifting heavy items. The injuries include musculoskeletal injuries like strains, sprains, dislocations, tears, fractures, and others. The prevalence of such accidents may be due to inadequate lifting equipment.

Toxic spills

There are rare occasions when a chemical accident occurs in a warehouse. Harmful substances sometimes spill in warehouse environments. Such accidents endanger the lives of workers. Workers may develop critical medical conditions as a result.

Electrical/battery room accidents

There are designated rooms for keeping and charging forklift batteries in warehouses. Accidents occur in these places due to negligence. For example, batteries may leak out their acidic content due to poor maintenance. This content is harmful to workers’ health.

How does technology reduce Forklift accidents ?

Technology tools now protect against forklift accidents. Tools like the laserglow technology for warehouses help to avoid these accidents. This tool uses the Intelligent Proximity Detection System (IPDS) to prevent collisions between workers and forklifts. It accurately measures the distance between a forklift and a pedestrian ahead.

The Proximity Detection System prevents accidents by doing the following:

  • The system notifies the forklift driver of someone ahead or an object.
  • The notification may be in the form of a sound or a light.
  • The system informs a pedestrian of an approaching forklift using sound or light.
  • The system grinds a forklift to a halt if it is too close to a person or an object.

Entities like Prox-Secur in Montreal create Proximity detection systems that are flexible. They can be used on varieties of vehicles. It depends on the end-user.

Workplace accidents continue to be events of concern. In warehouses, numerous injuries happen because of forklift accidents. The laserglow technological tool uses proximity detection to prevent these accidents. A reduction in forklift accidents helps to improve safety in warehouses. This technology helps to achieve that.