How Entrepreneurs Can Forfeit Their Loss in Business with Video Conferencing Software?

How Entrepreneurs Can Forfeit Their Loss in Business with Video Conferencing Software?

How Entrepreneurs Can Forfeit Their Loss in Business with Video Conferencing Software?

Explore the Market Stats of Video Conferencing Software – The Soaring Numbers of Downloads!

Since the apocalypse, wait I’ll take a tone down. Since 2020, we have witnessed a massive uncertainty in terms of people and their lifestyle due to Covid-19 pandemic.  That is the reason people of all parts of the world are recommended to maintain social distance from each other. And because of the uncertainty of people and business is forced to work from home. In return, has led to the soaring demand of video conferencing software. But how? Let me give you a bird-view visualisation.

Now every workstation requires some stability and consistency. To achieve it and make an efficient process, most people have dependent on video conferencing software. The vacuum of social distance has been filled by the development of video conference software.

Above all, according to TechCrunch, the download of video conferencing software is more than 62 million in just one week of March 2020 for personal and business purposes. This is a clear indication of the massive popularity of video conferencing software worldwide.

This is an ideal situation to launch your video conferencing software after seeing the market trends today. Let us, dive in, into the topic and learn how to develop video conferencing software and why do you have to develop such applications.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Video Conferencing Software? Hella Yeah!

Have you ever imagined conquering the crowd base of 10 million to 300 million in just three months? Well, after the Pandemic Coronavirus, this is also possible. Video conference software are increasingly popular in this quarantine season.

Five main reasons why Entrepreneurs Can Hit a Jackpot with video conferencing software? – A billion-dollar idea

Net worth the video conference market will exceed $ 50 billion in 2026

Money is the main driving force that forces you to make a video conferencing software, NOO! Well, fair enough, and you can achieve this only if you invest in a growing and healthy market. Moreover, according to global market insights, the market value of the video conferencing software will exceed $ 50 billion in 2026. When the Covid-19 pandemic has regarding our lives, social events and meetings have dropped to a highly neglected level. However, this is the reason why the popularity of video conferencing software has grown exponentially. In the long run, this will definitely encourage the popularity of the video conference market. You can also for more information.

It is a Great opportunity to enter and Conquer the market

However, Various sectors utilize video conference software. Say for example the education industry accommodates more than 10% of the market share of video conferencing. Above all, most educational institutions are closed, there are more opportunities for investing in video conferencing script.

Post Pandemic has caused a Roof-breaking popularity of Video Conference Software

The technology has helped people in terms of work and stay connected with their loved ones. However, talking according to the reports by Statista, the download of video conference software such as zoom has drastically increased by more than 100% globally in March 2020.

So now, it’s quite clear that investing in video conferencing script is more than just a surprising idea. To achieve success on the market.

Statistics Don’t Lie: Who Uses Video Conference?

Video conference markets are very valuable in the B2B, B2C, Education and Healthcare sectors.

In addition, video conferencing software is widely used for personal or external communication, conducting interviews. Most importantly, for onboarding employees digitally yet to make a webinar event training seamlessly.

Moreover, video conferencing statistics proves it:

  • 43% of long-distance and in-house teams use video conference solutions
  • 78% of corporate companies use video call software
  • 83% of businesses with more than 250 employees tend to buy video call tools
  • 27% of small businesses tend to buy video call tools
  • 86% of companies conduct employees’ interviews for video calls
  • More than 75% of hospitals have used or currently make a telehealth program
  • 88% of educational professionals say video conference tools, such as zoom for educators, will help more students get a sophisticated degree
  • 73% of education professionals claims that video conferencing will bring down the rate of dropouts

(Source: Gartner, Forbes, Commercial Integrator, American Hospital Association)

Plenty Revenue Generation Strategy to Lure the Profit Easy-way

  1. Subscription plan

However, with a standard subscription plan, it’s easy to provide the best service to your users. Most importantly, through their monthly, annual goals, they get exclusive benefits, and admin portals get regular income.

  1. Pro plan

Above all, with a slight increase in the cost of plans, pro-subscription plans admin can offer users with the additional pro features. In meetings, getting access to command centres, more video recording, enhancement of audiences and participants, one-to-one sessions, in return charging extra cost for pro plan.

  1. Employers’ plan

Firstly, this feature is exclusively launched for entrepreneurs to manage their business activities and easy meetings and calls. Maintaining confidentiality, direct meeting control tools, customized special tools, H.323 / Session Initiation Protocol Space Connector (SIP), unlimited video conference facilities, etc.

  1. External income

Additionally, the admin can charge service fees, earn income through ads in applications, third party banners, and other enhanced strategies.

So, to launch a profitable business venture, the video conferencing software is your best bet!!

Which is the best video conference software in 2021?

In this paragraph, I will proudly present to you the list of the top video conference software, not being biased but based on the user satisfaction and reports.

Well, one of them can be you next time, if you don’t pull down the ideal window of opportunity!

Google Duo

The Google Duo application has been launched recently and is considered one of the best video conference software for users who use Android. Therefore, in most new Android phones, the duo has been installed before and is comfortable to use and completely free.


  • Record and send video messages
  • Calls on Android and iOS devices
  • Call making
  • Low light mode
  • It even provides a direct preview from the caller
  • Video calls is limited up to 12 people

Google Duo Application Statistics

Rating: 4.5.

Install: 1,000,000,000,000+.


Firstly, it’s one of the best video conferencing software in the current scenario. However, this application can be used both for professional and personal use. Under free packages, users can arrange video conferencing with 100 participants who can last up to 40 minutes. Secondly, under the paid package, users can get access to big meetings. Where they can accommodate up to 500 participants. Above all, the Cloud-based video conference software is used by more than half of Fortune 500 companies. Global pandemics are increasingly watching the relevance of video conferencing software such as zoom, which has seen more than 800% increase download applications in the range of several months. Want to plunge into this profitable market? Then, Zoom Clone may be your missing link.

Features include:

  • Order groups with text, images, and, audio, etc.
  • Safe driving mode
  • User status
  • Invitation
  • One-on-one meeting
  • Share screen
  • Group video conference

Zoom App Statistics

Rating: 4.4.

Install: 10,000,000+.


Above all, Skype is a very popular application. This is already known for connecting people around the world for years. This is considered very reliable in terms of security and security. Moreover, as far as it concerns performance, the platform does not disappoint at all. Most importantly, the Video calls in it support up to 50 participants.


  • Text and International Calls
  • Video calls
  • Audio call
  • Share screen
  • You can send pictures, videos, text and voice messages
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Direct transcription
  • Low call rates to home and cell phone

Skype application statistics.

Rating: 4.3.

Install: 1,000,000,000,000+.

Wannapreneurs, It’s High Time to Strategise!

Firstly, I agree, building a pandemic proof may seem complicated, but achieving your investment goals is possible in any climate. However, you might still find yourself wondering whether investing in video conferencing software is worth the cost. Will you see a large investment return to justify the cost of arrangements and launching a video conferencing software? NOO! Take a step back. What, you literally bought that, eh? Don’t fall for false saying. Investing in Video conferencing script is a HUGE YES, YES and YES. Inconclusion, having video conferencing software will always empower you to stay in business rather than having to be closed during the pandemic!

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