How does a Pre-build Gaming PC Cost?



Are you looking for a gaming PC? Well, it is a trend nowadays. With the help of a Gaming PC you can enjoy a high-end Gaming experience.

But there are things you should consider before purchasing one actually.

Do you know some even built their own PC? And this cost less than a pre-built gaming pc.

Let us find out more about gaming PC types and their cost prices.

Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are computers especially designed for gaming purposes.

A gaming pc has high-performance cards with a high core central processing unit.

You can find a gaming PC of 35,000 INR and even 1,00,000 INR.

The price of a PC range from 35000-100000 according to its components and performance.

Before you start buying a PC, decide on your budget. Then choose whether you want to buy a PC and laptop.

There are two options for buying a gaming pc:

  • Pre-built PC: You can buy a pre-built PC from a manufacturer. They are available in stores.
  • DIY PC: Do you know you can also build your own PC?  You can either make someone else make your pc or make it yourself.
  • Custom PC: You can make some changes in your gaming PC to upgrade the hardware according to your personal need.

Pre-built PC

They are a convenient option for you. If you are not a tech geek or don’t have any particular requirement from your pc, then you should simply buy it.

Just look for some things like CPU, GPU, hardware, etc.

Custom PC

You can order your custom-built pc from a company. You can ask them to do some specification or up-gradation in the previous pc.

Building PC

This one is the best option for you if you want a high-performance pc. You can customize each part of the pc. It is a cost-friendly option for you.

Is it cheaper to buy a PC or build a PC? 

Well, building your pc is a cheaper option for you. You can select each part of the pc and make it more powerful and customizable according to your need.

But it is a time-consuming process. If you buy a pre-built pc you will have to do no hard work and a pc will be at your home. Moreover, it will be backed by a supporting system.

Pre-built Gaming PC vs DIY PC

If you want a customizable and cheaper gaming pc then you should opt for a pre-built gaming pc.

But if you don’t have any specific need then just go with a pre-built pc.

Things to consider while buying a PC


Before looking into the pc components, look at the exterior. Gaming PCs come in different shapes and sizes.

For example, small sizes such as Falcon Northwest tiki, Intel Hades Canyon, or Skytech Legacy Mini.

Or mid-tower sizes like Acer Predator.  They fit most of the people.  But you can also go with giants like Origin Millennium.

You should consider your desk space before you select a model.


The next thing you should consider while buying a gaming PC is a processor. It determines how good and how powerful your software will be. If you have a tight budget, you should go for the four-core chip. You can go with a six-core or eight-core chip if your budget is high.

You can go with Intel as the company has a reputation for the flagship i9-10900k processor which is still the best processor in gaming.


If you want high resolution and some serious graphics while gaming you should pay attention to this. It is an essential component to beautify your game. The higher the model number of a card is, the higher performance it will deliver.

Some entry-level GPUs will cost you less such as AMD RX 570 or GTX 1650.

If you want more powerful gaming graphics, then you can go for RT X 2060 or RX 5700.

If you want some high-end graphics card it will cost you many dollars. But the best options are Nvidia RT, TX 3080, or AMD 606,800x T. Day.


Ram is important but it is not, no excess RAM is not very good for your gaming, the average line is 16 GB, however, you can also handle eight GB for older games.,

You should look also for other visit features such as voice noise and vibration it makes, powers it consumes.

Always remember, you should consider various components according to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you buy low-end components or high end, all it matters is your requirement.

Types of PCs

You can choose between three types of PC according to the price range.

Low-end gaming PC

High-end gaming PC

Extremely high-end gaming PC

Low-end Gaming

low-end gaming PCs have not so good performance. It is for casual gamers who want to play games with normal graphics. With this PC you can play games on

resolution as high as 1080p.

The basic cost of this type of PC is 35,000 rupees.

High-end Gaming PC

As the name suggests this gaming PC has a very high performance. It delivers good quality graphics.

And if you love high performance and detailed graphics then this PC is surely meant for you.

The average price of a high-end PC is 50,000 to 90,000 rupees.

Extremely high-end PC

This PC is a monster. With the best performance and best graphics, you can even imagine.

Moreover, it targets graphics of the 4k gaming experience.

The average price of an extremely high-end PC is above one lakh.


There are multiple options for PC having a different price range in the market. You should make a list of your expectations and budget before selecting a model. This will help you to purchase the best option.

So, which one did you decide on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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