How Can I Check My Website SERP Status and Improve It?

SERP position is your website’s place on the page created by the search engine. A person enters a query in the search line, and Google presents the results. It is important that your website is at the top. Your SERP status gives you an understanding of how visible the website is for search engines. Let’s look at how we can check the status and improve it.

  1. First, you can use a SERP checker online on SpySerp

It is a SERP checker tool that lets you see your website’s position in the searching results. You will also see the competitors and their ranking. So, it lets you understand who your biggest SEO competitor is. This feature is available for free. If you want a pro version, you can have a 7-day trial for free. Then you should pay for extra features.

  1. You can also check your website with the Amazon keyword ranking tool

This is another helpful SERP position checker. It also gives you information about keywords. You can find the best keyword for the websites and include it in the title. You may arrange the keywords depending on your local characteristics. The SERP checker will also let you check the indexing of the web pages. This is important for a searching robot to find the information.

  1. Enter the query into the searching line

You will see the position of your websites. Look through several Google pages. The best results are on the first and second pages. People do not look at other links. You can enter formulas in the searching line and get all the website’s pages that are indexed.

How Does the SERP Checker on SpySerp Work?

On the website, you have a form to fill in. You should state your keywords and searching system. Then you may choose your domain and location. SpySerp will show results for desktop and mobile devices. It is important to choose both types of results because their positions differ.

You will see the list of competitors as customers find them about the query. To compare the results for different devices, press on the competitor’s name. Their field will be colored. You can also follow the links and see their websites. You can export and download the results in Excel or CSV. Excel has an internal helper to work with keywords. You will be able to analyze and arrange the results. This will let you improve your website’s ranking.

There are different factors that help improve the ranking. You should select the right keywords for the texts and headlines. Software is also important. It helps the website work faster. You may also use the white label SEO because it speeds up the leading. Look through the pages and make sure that each page is indexed. Watch a SEO program review on YouTube. You may also address experts to help you.

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