How auto liker chatbots can help grow Facebook based businesses



Are you using Facebook for marketing and customer service purposes? Then it will be a good idea to utilize auto liker chatbots to optimize your social media strategy. Over nineteen million businesses use the Facebook platform to engage and interact with their customers. This reflects the effectiveness of Facebook when used for business communication. It is an important tool that you can use to relate with customers and promote your brand.

Chatbots can function as your virtual assistant catering to your daily marketing and customer service duties, resulting in business growth and increased revenue. This normally feels time-consuming and monotonous, but with chatbots, you can automate these tasks. 

While chatbots have been a stable feature in website and mobile apps, they can immensely benefit your Facebook marketing or customer service strategy. This is why In mid-2016, recognizing chatbot’s ability to enhance customer engagement and interaction, Facebook introduced bots for the messenger platform. The latest research study shows more than 75% of businesses are presently utilizing chatbots or intend to use chatbots before year-end.

From streamlining purchase processes to offering recommended items, chatbots can add value to your social media strategy and grow your business. Let’s explore ‘how’ in detail. 

Boost your unique selling points

Your unique selling point is that distinct quality of your business that sets you apart from your competitors. It is essential for thriving small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, it bestows on your business a positive reputation which will increase your customer base. Using chatbots on Facebook improves your business’ unique selling points. Customers prefer businesses that they can interact with easily. 

For instance, if you run an online toy store, you can use messenger bots to streamline purchase processes and send customers personalized quotes. This will tremendously improve your company’s selling points to customers. 

Regardless of your business niche, Facebook chatbot allows your business to be more competitive. Whether your business revolves around flooring installation services, catering services, website designing, or barbing, chatbot utilization grants your business lots of advantages in today’s market environment where the internet plays a highly prominent role. 

The internet influences product research and purchase decisions. Research has revealed that more than 70% of customers utilized social media in deciding what to purchase or which service to patronize. This reflects how important Facebook chatbot can be for your business. 

Improve your brand awareness

Brand awareness is an excellent way of acquiring new customers, winning customer loyalty, while boosting sales. Facebook is currently the best social media channel for your marketing and brand awareness campaign. With more than a billion users, the possibilities are limitless in terms of what your business can gain from directly accessing your customers. 

A Facebook chatbot can allow you to optimize the Facebook platform for your marketing campaign. It can add value to your interactive customer experience, and provide a ‘customer-centric’ engagement with your customers. For instance, the Facebook auto-liker feature of the chatbot helps your business gain authenticity and positive reviews. 

Other ways in which your chatbots can improve your Facebook brand awareness include:

  • To facilitate your content marketing campaign  
    Customers do not want frequent bombardment of sales ads and messages on Facebook. You can use your chatbot to push helpful, inspiring, and educative content to your customers. This will keep your customers happy and increase their engagement with your brand. 
  • Build customer rapport
    If your business does not build customer rapport ー productive, trustworthy relationship with your customers, then your business may experience low revenue and high churn rates. Chatbots can be used to create a consistent customer experience. You can always design your chatbot to be friendly and relatable. Smart chatbots (such as Zebrabuzz’s) have the ability to personalize interaction with customers through machine learning capabilities. 
  • Chatbots can also be used to send multimedia content.
    Human beings are visual by nature. To boost customer engagement and brand awareness, incorporate multimedia content into your brand awareness campaign. This includes GIFs, images, videos and animation. 

Speed up your purchase processes and lead generation

Chatbots can help your business in generating leads. This is because they are effective in conversational marketing tools. Here’s how your chatbot can assist your business in this area:

  • Chatbot helps you understand your customer and their needs better. Through the use of surveys and personalized questions, your bot will gather information about your customers’ product preferences, feedback and suggestions. This can be used to improve your marketing strategy, lead generation and engagement. 
  • Facebook chatbot allows you to offer 24/7, real-time customer support. This helps your business to become more reliable and trustworthy. 
  • Customers dislike filling out forms. These forms are devoid of excitement and are usually dull. The chatbot is a great means of gathering data seamlessly. Using a chatbot, you can extract information from your customers using a conversational process, which is less burdensome. 

Chatbots are powerful utility tools. They can enhance your customer service, automate your marketing tasks and improve your business’ lead nurturing/generation process. 

For Facebook based businesses, autoliker chatbots can add tremendous value. 

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