Helping loved ones stay connected in Bengali amid a ranging pandemic 

Many of us congregate and embrace one another whether we are celebrating birthdays, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or any other occasion. This year, on the other hand, has a certain ring to it. Many of us are being told to stay at home this year and interact with family digitally, something that most people never imagined they would be doing in their wildest dreams. 

The Covid 19 Pandemic has forced us to be separated from our loved ones, resulting in a lack of personal contact and emotional connection. In this uncertain time, it’s critical to stay in touch with loved ones to offer support, positivity, and to provide optimism in their life. However, due to a lack of time due to our hectic schedule, it is impossible to contact everyone on the phone.

As a result, most people preferred to chat. But chatting with your loved ones in your own regional language is thought to be the most amazing thing that can happen since it draws you closer together from within. 

But do you find it difficult to type in Bangla with your phone keyboard? Don’t worry we have a solution. Bharat Keyboard has created a one-of-a-kind Bengali keyboard built in India to allow all Bengalis to communicate in Bengali from wherever in the world.

These keyboards also have several other characteristics. Such as 

  • Trending stickers Stickers might help you have a more vivid and dynamic conversation with someone. As a result, the Bangla keyboard comes with a bespoke bundle of Bangla stickers. This allows you to be more engaged throughout a chat session. This keyboard app’s Bangla Stickers are a perennial favorite among users of all ages, making it even more popular. 
  • Friendly to the user This Keyboard App provides a user interface that is easy to use and free of cost. This makes it straightforward to use, especially for those who aren’t used to using an online Bangla keyboard. The ‘Download Statistics section’ reveals that this program is user-friendly, and that most of our users have suggested it.
  • Type at a high speed- Bharat keyboard has an innovative function called glide typing, which allows you to text without raising your finger and receive the desired result. It also helps to improve your communication efficiency. You can communicate with many individuals at once without wasting a lot of time typing.
  • Voice to text Feature- When we’re trapped at work or multitasking, we don’t feel like typing anything relevant to the issue, the Bangla keyboard has a voice typing capability that allows you to convert your voice to text without any discomfort and saves you time. Both long and short voice communications are converted to text. It is ideal for folks who despite typing, enjoy chatting with family.
  • BigMoji Feature-To makes the conversation more enjoyable, most of the youngsters try to interact through different sets of BigMoji in their talks.

 So, for that Bangla Keyboard features a distinctive and innovative BigMoji function that allows you to transmit emojis as stickers by long-pressing them. The sound effect on the stickers can also be customized. This program does not require internet access to provide Bangla typing. Users can also utilize this functionality to create emojis from their own selfies.

  • Perfect for newcomers – 

If you are a newcomer and have never done Bangla typing but want to learn it. This is the right app for you as it enables users to type using English alphabets that are translated to Bangla, therefore, making it handy for a beginner. And if you the one who can type in Bangla then you can type directly using the Bangla keyboard but if you are a beginner or just want to learn Bangla then you can definitely avail yourself English to Bangla typing feature of Bangla Keyboard. 

  • Theme Library – 

Many people are not aware of this feature as it is not available on most of the keyboards of the phone. This theme library helps you to change the keyboard appearance to your choice. You can alter the keyboard appearance with a custom theme or one of the many themes available in the theme library.

The Bangla typing keyboard is incredibly simple to install on any of your Android devices from the play store. Click here to enjoy a hassle-free Bangla typing experience as a way to reconnect with your roots in today’s intelligent and tech-savvy world!

Bengali keyboard app and communicate with your loved ones in your own language or learn a new one.

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