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Files on their rawest form are great. It could only mean you can modify them for as long as you want. However, many people would prefer it in PDF since it is easier to transmit in email or social media, and it is much friendlier to storage capacity. This is one justification why your boss or teachers prefer your files to be submitted in PDF. 

It is less likely that your computer has built-in software that allows you to save your word file into PDF. Hence, to do that, install the software. The problem with the software, though, is it could be on the pricier side. Something that you might not want to invest in, especially if you are a student. Its installation can also be a great inconvenience. 

GoGoPDF vs. Software: Word to PDF converter

If you want software quality yet do not have the money to purchase and install one, you have visited the right page. Today, we will introduce an online Word to PDF converter named GoGoPDF, and it will certainly solve your dilemma. With only your internet connection and your device, you can secure a PDF format of your Word file.

Swift Processing

GoGoPDF is one of the fastest websites you will encounter online. You do not need to spend too much of your time trying to convert your Word file into PDF; with GoGoPDF, your converted file will be at your reach in a heartbeat. This specific feature of the website allows it to be recommendable to those who seemed to be always in a hurry. 

Easy to navigate web design 

Understandably, you may be confused with some websites on the Internet. Of course, you may not have the knowledge of a web developer, or the website might be engineered to cater to tech experts. With GoGoPDF, no brain gymnastics is needed. You only need your common sense to navigate your way through the website and get the job done. 

One of the best preservation tools 

GoGoPDF’s processing rest under the tenet of quality. For this reason, their preservation tool is known to be one of the best on the whole Internet. For converting tools, preservation technology is crucial because it makes sure that every element from the raw file is copied in the converted file with a high level of accuracy and precision.  

Works on multiple platforms 

If it worries you that your device is on the obsolete side and therefore might be an impediment in your access to GoGoPDF, fear not! GoGoPDF’s creator tested the website on various platforms: devices, operating systems, and even browsers. This is to make sure that everyone will have access to the top-tier services offered by GoGoPDF. 

The website can be accessed using a phone, tablet, or computer. It can also flawlessly perform on operating systems such as Mac, Linux, or windows. On top of that, web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc., are compatible with GoGoPDF. Mainstream or not, the website can work seamlessly across various platforms. 

Privacy protection

Users’ privacy is given the utmost respect in GoGoPDF. The concerns about privacy issues have taken the Internet by storm. Hence, it is only reasonable to be wary of the websites you trust. For this reason, GoGoPDF adopted one of the best encryption tools to protect your data. Moreover, expect that your uploaded files will be deleted an hour after the processing. 

Usage of Cloud storage 

One edge of GoGoPDF against software is that it does not consume the space of your device as much as the software does. This is because everything about GoGoPDF is done online through cloud storage. For this reason, you do not have to install space-consuming software; you only have to secure your internet connection and device. 

A four-step process to convert your Word file into PDF

The four steps are quick and easy, as promised to you by the web developers. The first thing you have to do is to upload the Word file you intend to convert. You may drag it into the conversion box or simply select the file from your device. The second step of the process is where the website scans your file and converts it into PDF. 

For the third step, wait for the process to finish. The web developers assure that waiting would not be too long since the website is recognized for its fast processing. After a few minutes of waiting, you will already have the PDF version of your word file ready for you to download on your device or share with your friends via email or social sites. 


When talking about Word to PDF Conversion, GoGoPDF should always be mentioned. It prides itself on its output, which is a product of its above par technology in preservation. More so, it always takes into consideration the convenience and safety of the users. Indeed, GoGoPDF is incomparable to any converters there are.

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