Forget Your Default Keyboard: 10 Reasons Why You No Longer Need It

Let’s start this article with a good question. Are you still using your default keyboard on your phone? Do you need the motivation to uninstall your default keyboard and change your lifestyle by downloading a new one? Some of you must be saying yes, so here we are going to make you forget your old default keyboard that looks boring, works boring, and is not that efficient. It is not a hard process; all it requires is some creativity. Once you realize that your default keyboard lacks creativity and you will instantly shift towards the new one like the best Android Hindi typing Keyboard that runs smoothly, works efficiently, and effectively has many features, etc.

Let us remind you that you are no longer living in an old generation with boring typewriters. To all the millennials and Gen z kids, we know you are talented enough to use a keyboard that provides the fun.

Let’s hop to the list of reasons why you do not need your old and boring default keyboard anymore:

1)    You can send thousands and lakhs of stickers and GIFs- a Normal default keyboard that is already in-built on mobile phones maybe have thousands and lakhs of emoticons for emojis but it definitely lacks funny stickers and GIFs. Keyboards nowadays provide you with funny and happening stickers and GIFs of every language-related to movies, trending memes, jokes, trending songs, trending YouTube videos, and the list goes on and on.

2)    Additional Personalizations- in this generation or time we are getting literally everything after being personalized by us. Personalization has become so important that keyboards introduced nowadays are giving these features to us to personalize our themes, fonts, and other things that a good keyboard requires.

3)    Easy translation of languages- another especially important feature is translation. Earlier we used to download various translation apps to translate a language and type in that language. Keyboards now have made it easy by adding an in-built translation feature that instantly converts your texts into the language of your choice.

4)    Increase in Speed- keyboards have become much more speedy and who doesn’t love speed? You can easily type and send a text without much difficulty, and this doesn’t consume your time.

5)    Much more reliable- The reliability in Keyboards has now increased. You can easily change your type of writing, tone of writing, translate your texts, send your texts with speed and this is the reason why people are loving the new Keyboards.

6)    Glide Typing- The default Keyboards also have this feature in-built but if we compare it with other Keyboards nowadays, the feature runs far more smoothly than that of your default Keyboard.

7)    Easy Voice typing- The default Keyboard’s voice typing feature is not that accurate, but the accuracy of other keyboard developed now is very accurate while we are voice typing.

8)    Additional fun-filled features- many fun-filled features are being introduced on a daily basis by various keyboards. Default keyboard lacks these features and thus you cannot have funny and creative conversations with your friends and family.

9)    Word correction- the word correction feature has made it very easy for people who are typing in other languages, it automatically types the correct word whenever you are wrong.

10) More movie quotes, shayari, jokes- Other than the Stickers, emojis, GIFs you can also now send many more movie quotes, shayaris, and jokes of your choice with extra added fun and happiness.

These were some of the reasons that you should think about and shift towards a new keyboard that is positive with these extra added and reliable features. If you are thinking about which one to go for then let us make it extremely easy for you. Download Hindi typing keyboard and your life would become so happy and easy peasy. 

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