Extremely useful tips every DayZ player needs to know

Extremely useful tips every DayZ player needs to know

Extremely useful tips every DayZ player needs to know

If you love hardcore survival games, you would likely become a DayZ fan really quick. This game offers a unique gameplay experience and has garnered a large player base since its public release in 2018. This zombie post-apocalyptic survival game can prove extremely difficult for new players due to its challenging mechanics. If you are finding survival challenging in Dayz, here are a few useful tips that you need to know.

Useful Tips every DayZ player must know

1. All you have to do is survive

Like any game under the survival genre, your key goal in DayZ is to survive. It is survival until the end that differentiates this game from others. You do not need to get the highest kills, get rid of any specific number of zombies, reach a destination within a time limit or carry out any such task. This is crucial to consider while planning your strategy and play style because it all depends on your goal.

2. Do not trust other players

Be wary of other players approaching you for an alliance. After all, this is a survival game, and they would betray you at some point. Beginners are gullible and often fall into the trap, eventually getting backstabbed by their allies after helping them. Other than trusted teammates, such as players you are already well-acquainted with, it is best not to ally anyone.

3. Utilize the best cheats

Like most of the popular multiplayer FPS games, cheats are available for DayZ too. Undetected DayZ cheats could give you a huge advantage over the other players. These cheats come with perks that allow you to track your enemies, such as Radar Hack and wallhack. You could enhance your performance and killstreak by using an aimbot too.

4. Avoid crowded areas

In many similar games, players benefit from being in high-traffic areas. However, as mentioned earlier, DayZ is different from the rest. Here, it would be better to stay away from the crowd.

In high-traffic areas, the chances are high that other players could kill you and loot your stuff. Such regions are also more prone to zombie attacks, making it wise to steer clear of these areas.

5. Be stealthy

Another key difference between DayZ and similar games in the genre is that the former calls for stealthy. Running into battles with guns blazing would only get you killed, either by other players or zombies.

Instead, try to lay low and avoid moving a lot in the daytime. At night, you might want to wear darker colors for camouflage and move around.

6. Keep yourself well-stocked with essentials

Zombies and hostile players aren’t your only threat in DayZ. You could also die from starvation if you do not eat for an extended period of time. Moreover, starving would lower your energy levels, making your reflexes sluggish and preventing you from responding to threats fast enough.

Hence, make it a priority to gather sufficient food to last you through the game. Also, remember to carry antibiotics and morphine to deal with illnesses or injuries.

7. Learn to fight zombies

One of the major updates that DayZ has undergone is the boost in the fighting capabilities of the zombies. Now they are more of a real threat to players than the early days of this game. While melee weapons are decent against zombies, you would be far safer using a gun.

However, do remember to muffle the shots by using a suppressor. Try to fire from behind covers, as the zombies are agile and can quickly get to you.

8. Reconnaissance

It is wise to carry out some reconnaissance before you venture into an area, such as a clearing, a hamlet, or a town. Hide behind a bush and scan the area well to look for any players or zombies.

While it can still be hard to detect a hidden sniper who is really patient, cheats might come in handy in such cases. Having a pair of binoculars would also make it easier for you to scan an area more effectively.

9. Listen to the sounds

Players who have good headsets have greater chances of survival, as it allows them to listen for every sound. In many such games that offer a realistic experience, sound plays a crucial role in helping players detect incoming threats or hostile presence.

These include gunshots, footsteps, and the moans of zombies. If you are a hardcore gamer and often play such games, it is always worth investing in a good headset.


By playing smart, you can survive for longer and potentially even win the game as a beginner. Hopefully, these tips will make the game more enjoyable for you by helping you succeed.

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