ElasticScale- Crafting AWS Mastery for Tech Visionaries

ElasticScale- Crafting AWS Mastery for Tech Visionaries

ElasticScale- Crafting AWS Mastery for Tech Visionaries

TechSupremo.com celebrates the leaders and innovators in the tech industry, so it’s our pleasure to spotlight ElasticScale, the AWS consultancy firm that’s redefining cloud infrastructure for the agile tech enterprise.

About ElastiscScale

ElasticScale’s expertise is led by Alex Jeensma, a CTO whose 7-year tenure with AWS is marked by a breadth of certifications and a wealth of experience in DevOps and enterprise software delivery. Recognizing the challenges that start-ups and scale-ups face with AWS, ElasticScale was founded to transform AWS from a complex, cost-intensive platform into a streamlined, growth-enhancing tool.

Based in The Netherlands, ElasticScale extends its services globally, offering deep AWS consultancy to SaaS companies. Our approach is grounded in infrastructure automation, utilizing Terraform to facilitate consistent, scalable, and secure deployments across various operational landscapes.

We offer our services to:

Our consultancy services are tailored to a diverse clientele, with particular focus on:

  • Start-ups: We offer a tailor-made AWS reference architecture designed with best practices and Terraform at its core, complemented by local development environments and Fargate Docker containers. To alleviate the financial burden, we assist start-ups in securing AWS credits, potentially nullifying infrastructure costs in their first year.
  • Scale-ups: Our fixed-fee subscription service is ideal for scale-ups looking to enhance their AWS capabilities without detracting from their core product development. With our specialized AWS knowledge, we often deliver solutions more rapidly than in-house teams.
  • Venture Capitalists: Our ‘no cure, no pay’ portfolio scans serve venture capitalists by ensuring their investments are capitalizing on AWS in the most cost-efficient and secure manner possible, typically finding an average of 30% in AWS cost savings.

ElasticScale’s prowess is validated by our record, such as the 70% reduction in monthly AWS costs we achieved for a scale-up, with zero impact on performance.


Flexible payment terms are part of our commitment to service, including:

  • A fixed hourly rate for specific consultancy needs.
  • Monthly subscription plans tailored for scale-ups.
  • A no-cure-no-pay model that aligns our fees with the AWS savings we generate.
  • An option to handle payments through AWS IQ for streamlined billing, also enabling the use of AWS credits for our services.

Engage with ElasticScale through a free 60-minute consultation to discuss your AWS infrastructure, conveniently bookable on our website. We also offer a referral fee for introducing new clients to our services.

On https://elasticscale.com, you’ll find a curated list of cost-saving tips for 145 AWS services, along with an offer for a free 15-minute bill check to help optimize your AWS expenditures.

With ElasticScale, elevate your AWS strategy and ensure your infrastructure is as innovative and dynamic as your SaaS offerings.