Eight Valuable Ideas for People Relying on Emails



Whether you are using email casually or professionally, there are certain things to follow so that your email inbox is in order. Otherwise, there is a chance that you may struggle to use the email inbox properly.

From not being able to send and receive emails to getting your inbox cluttered with spam and ending ignored by recipients, there are multiple problems that could arise.

Let’s take a look at 8 valuable ideas that you should incorporate into your routine while sending and receiving emails.

Solve Errors

Overall, the odds of encountering email errors are relatively low, so long as you have a reliable email service provider. However, the odds are not zero. For example, MS Outlook users may see [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503], which, on the surface, seems like gibberish that makes no sense, but it is an actual error code.

While connecting to SMTP servers, you may also encounter 503, 504, 512, and other numbers. However, fret not, as you can usually find instructions on fixing these email errors.

Check Before You Send

If you are exchanging emails with friends or family members, grammar is not necessarily a priority. A few errors here and there are not too bad, especially if it is still possible to make sense of what you are trying to convey in your email.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize proofreading when you are exchanging emails at work or school. You want to appear professional and follow email etiquette. Otherwise, the recipient is less likely to take you seriously.

Avoid Shady Attachments

Now and then, you will see email messages with ridiculous offers, such as entering a contest and easily winning money or other prizes. Or, you might receive emails with questionable attachments, URLs, or calls to action.

You want to keep your email inbox secure, and ignoring shady emails is one of the key aspects of ensuring the necessary security. Even if it is a message from someone you know, so long as the email contents are suspicious, you are better off ignoring the email or simply removing it from the inbox.

Try Multiple ESPs

In case your current email service provider is causing you problems, you can switch to a different ESP.

Right now, Gmail is usually the go-to email provider, though even Google is known to have some issues now and then.

Switching to a new email service should not be too much of a problem because there are many free alternatives. At the same time, you could also look for a premium service that requires a fee to use. Paying money usually translates to better customer service, and if you rely on your emails a lot, paid email services might be the right solution for you.

Set Up Email on Your Mobile Device

Having access to your email inbox on a smartphone comes in handy. You may be away from your computer while traveling or taking a break but still want to check the inbox to not miss an important message.

Well, it is possible if you set up email on your mobile device. If you are using Gmail, for instance, you can download an app directly to the device and log in using your credentials (Android devices have Gmail as part of its Google app package).

A similar thing should be possible with another ESP that has a dedicated iOS or Android app. And if not, you will need to use the Mail app on your smartphone.

Archive Old Conversations

Take advantage of the archiving feature if you have a busy email inbox. Most ESPs have it to make it easier for users to manage email inboxes.

Once you reply to a conversation or receive a reply and want to store the messages without removing them, archive them instead. Also, it is recommended to mark conversations important so that they do not end up in the spam folder.

Report Spammers

Speaking of spam folders, if you are getting bombarded with promotional emails and other unwanted messages in your inbox, mark recipient addresses as spam so that these emails do not end up in your inbox.

Right now, many ESPs have built-in filters and other anti-spam features, so the frequency of unwanted messages is not as high. However, you can reduce it even more by taking the necessary measures.

Finally, avoid subscribing to too many newsletters and other junk so that there is less clutter in the inbox, making it easier to manage your emails.

Use Email Signatures

The last bit of advice is about using an email signature. If you want to look more professional, you can create a template and include your contact details and other relevant information for recipients.

The signature itself does not have to be too complicated or long. You may be perfectly fine with just including your name and a way to sign off, such as “Best Regards” or “Sincerely.” The important thing is to have the signature.

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