Easy PPT to PDF Conversion with PDFBear



Slideshows in PowerPoint is one of the best ways to present a project or proposal. You can show graphics such as charts and keywords that your audience (like colleagues or classmates) can easily grasp and comprehend. It’s great to give presentations in PowerPoint format because it’s a slideshow. You can share your ideas easily with your audience, which they can follow just as easily, too.

But when you want to make your company, business, or class PowerPoint presentation into a reviewer or reading material, having to take screenshots of each slide is a total hassle. So, in this article, we’ll be introducing you to a nifty online tool to help you in converting PPT to PDF. Interested? Read on to find out more!

Why PDF?

Before we dive into anything else, let’s first discuss PDF files. Nowadays, most files are in PDF format. And for sure, you have already encountered this particular file several times. But why exactly is PDF the most commonly used file type around? Well, PDFs are the most convenient and accessible format. You can easily access them on any electronic device, may it be a computer, smartphone, or laptop. There’s no need for a special app or software to read PDF files; just directly open them on your device without hassle!

Aside from this, PDFs don’t change their formatting. Whether you’re sending the file to someone or printing it, the overall look of the file will be the same as if you had saved it. So no worries about it suddenly looking completely different. The same goes for quality, whether the PDF file contains texts or images, you’ll be happy that the quality won’t change. You can also lock PDF files with a password or add a watermark for security, which is why confidential documents and contracts are usually in this format. Lastly, PDF files usually have a smaller file size compared to other formats, so sharing or sending them is faster and easier. And the same goes for downloading it, too! It’s no wonder most people favour this format with all its pros!

Introducing PDFBear

PDFBear is an online software as a service (or SaaS) tool that has everything you need to convert PDF files and maximize your use out of them. Unlike other apps and software which you need to download before using, PDFBear only needs an internet connection. This means you can easily access it on any browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You also don’t need to make an account or payment before using their services. Yes, PDFBear offers their services for free! When you upload your files to PDFBear to modify them, you’ll be sure they’re safe. PDFBear doesn’t store your uploaded files; their website will auto-delete all files after an hour. Lastly, their website boasts a nice layout. You can easily find the tools you need at one glance, so navigation is no problem! Awesome, right? Now, let’s dive into how you can use PDFBear to convert your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file.

PPT to PDF Conversion

File conversion with PDFBear is easy! But here we’ll focus on converting PPT to PDF. On the PPT to PDF page of PDFBear, upload that file you want to convert by clicking “Select Files” or opening a folder on your computer or device and using the click-and-drag method to select and upload your chosen file. Then just wait for the upload to complete. This step will only take you a few seconds. A process bar will appear, which lets you monitor the progress of your file conversion. Once the file has been uploaded, make any changes you want with the many options available for you to use. When you’re happy with the modifications, click “Download” to save the newly converted file to your computer or device. You can also easily share the file via Dropbox or Google Drive. And it’s as easy as that! Now you can use your PowerPoint as a reviewer or reading material.

Make the most out of your files with PDFBear

And there you have it, easy PowerPoint to PDF conversion with PDFBear! This nifty has it all for your PDF needs. Look no further for the perfect tool because PDFBear is all-in-one! No more worrying about finding yourself dumbfounded with PDF files. Just go to the PDFBear website and make the most of their awesome free features. Make your school assignments and work or business requirements easier. We hope this article gives you a gist of PDFBear and its awesome features. Although we mostly focused PPT to PDF conversion, you’ll surely find more features on their website which are very useful. So, try it out for yourself and you’ll be wondering how you’ve been living without PDFBear all this time.

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