Do eBike Kits Really Work?



Are you looking for an eBike of your own but aren’t quite sure if you want to invest so much in it? We get you, the fact is that eBikes tend to be more expensive than any of us would be comfortable with. But if you already have a bike at home then you have another alternative to get an electric bike of your own.

If you haven’t heard of them eBike conversion kits promise to turn your traditional bike into an electrical bicycle and are only a fraction of the cost. But how is this possible? Do eBike kits actually work? Today we’ll take a deep look at them and explain how they work and if they are the right pick for you.

How do eBike kits work?

Before we go any further let’s answer things directly shall we? The fact is that eBike conversion kits do in fact work, after all the main difference between traditional and electrical bicycles comes down to the presence of an electric motor which all kits include. A converted eBike might not have every single feature a conventional eBike has like foldability or smartphone integration, but as far as their assisted pedaling functions go they work like any of their peers.

So how is this achieved? Generally, most conversion kits have 3 main parts that help convert a bike into an eBike and the user only has to install them to complete the conversion. The power pack is self-explanatory and is what will provide energy to your converted eBike as you pedal. Then we have a motor that gets installed into the front wheel and provides that boost to the wheel so you advance faster with less effort. Last but not least there’s a sensor that reads your pedaling speed and uses that information to send energy to the motor. This means that the boost the converted eBike provides is always tied to your effort and ensures the bike doesn’t reach unmanageable speeds on its own.

Where to get an eBike kit of your own?

If you have any more questions regarding eBike conversions or want to order a kit of your own we recommend you visit Swytch Bike. As one of the leading brands on the market, have a wide variety of articles and tutorials on how to convert your bike including detailed videos and interviews. All in all when it comes to both products and information they are the to-go option.

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