Considering Various Types of Outdoor Patio Blinds

Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Patio

You can find varieties of patio blinds while getting onto buying one. In order not to get confused with these unlimited options, here we will discuss some basics of different types of blinds which will make your task easier to find the most suitable ones for your patio.

Different types of patio blinds

Vertical blinds

These blinds feature individual slats which run along the track installed at the top of the blind. Based on the style of the unit, vertical blinds can open from side to side or from the middle to sidewise on both sides. Vertical blinds are very popular for the patio doors and also can be installed on the floor-to-ceiling type full-sized windows. However, these can ideally be used for small window openings as well.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular blind styles for patio. These feature horizontal slats, which are attached to a string or cloth strip (tapes) to roll up or down. Unlike vertical blinds, Venetian blinds are raised and lowered where the flat slats will be pressed against one another when raised.

Mini blinds

In terms of operating mechanism, mini blinds are similar to Venetian blinds. However, these feature slats of smaller width compared to the conventional Venetian blinds. In standard mini blinds, the slats are 1” thick.

Micro blinds

Same as that of mini blinds, the micro blinds have even tinier slats installed onto them compared to the mini blinds. Usually, the slats on micro blinds are just ½” thick. These are ideal for comparatively smaller patio spaces.

Panel blinds

For patios, panel blinds are another most popular choice. These can be installed on patio doors as well as large floor-to-ceiling windows. The blinds also feature sections that may move along the track and allows opening and closing that way.

Pleated shades

These are actually featured pieces of blind material that are in a pleated format. These shades form a typical accordion-type pattern which can be raised and lowered. Pleated shades have a similar configuration as the Venetian blinds, whereas it has a very softened look and feels on the window and patio. However, these cannot be adjusted side to side as normal blinds. Pleated shades are coming in paper or fabric material.

Cellular blinds shades

You can also consider cellular shades for your patio coverage, which are also known as honeycomb shades. These also may look the same as pleated shades and may be made from similar materials. But, compared to the pleated shade, cellular shades may open in the middle, which will further create an insulation pocket. These shades are available in different cell sizes to fit the needs of various types of windows and patios.

Some other considerations to make if you are looking for more options in outdoor patio blinds are cordless pleated blinds, cellular honeycomb blinds, Roman shades, wooden Venetian blinds, shade curtains, rollers shades, tie-up shades, solar blinds, outdoor blinds, retractable patio shades, smart blinds and so on.

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