Choosing The Best Resin 3D Printers For Your Projects

Choosing The Best Resin 3D Printers For Your Projects

Choosing The Best Resin 3D Printers For Your Projects

When you take a look at the countless models available on the market right now, you quickly figure out that it is not so easy to choose the very best resin 3D printer for your projects. Every single model promises specific features and it is so common to end up feeling overwhelmed.

Since you are surely looking for high-quality products, like the Elegoo resin 3D printer, here are the most important factors you have to take into account so you can make that perfect choice.

Suitable 3D Printing Volume

The first thing you have to do for a good research is to think about the necessary volume. In most cases, resin 3D printers are utilized to print smaller items at a very high resolution. That is why the size of the resin 3D printers is usually smaller, like when compared with the FDM models. But, if you want to print a larger model, you will need a larger resin 3D printer, one that can cover the model.

The large build volume 3D printers are also quite good in a batch production setting. This is because the resin vat will also be larger. You can easily print more models. Print efficiency is highly enhanced as you can form and photocure several models at a time.

Suitable Print Precision

Really good resin 3D printers can restore really fine details, based on the quality presented in the digital model. This is only possible with very high print precision. The print precision can vary from one type of resin 3D printer to the next. As an example, for the LCD 3D resin models, the important things to analyze are pixel size, print resolution, and light source.

Let’s think about one pixel as being a dot. In this case, pixel size practically means print dot size. Resolution means how many dots will be present on the screen. With the exact same intensity for the light source, the rule of thumb is that the most precise print job is possible when there are more numbers of dots present and the individual dot size is the smallest possible. Simply put, you need to look at pixel size, which has to be smaller, and print resolution, which needs to be higher.

The good news is that all the information you need to analyze the print precision of a resin 3D printer is available on product info pages. Just make sure that you read them so that you can make a good decision.

Suitable Print Speed

When it comes to productivity, print speed is vital. The three really common types of 3D resin printers are LCD, DLP, and SLA. The fastest option is the DLP printer. This is because of the use of advanced technology when compared to SLA resin options, which were among the first on the market. In fact, the SLA models are rarely the best choice due to lower printing speeds.

You are thus left with the LCD and DLP options. DLP 3D resin printers are going to offer you a faster print job. But, we also have to mention that DLP models are going to cost a lot more. This is where your budget comes into play to make your choice. Whenever the budget allows it and you want to get a high print speed, the best thing you can do is to go for DLPs. Reasonably speaking, the resin 3D printers that cost more tend to be better.

Keep in mind that simply because the best 3D resin printers cost more does not mean you should go for such a model. It is very important to take into account personal needs so that you can choose the model that is best in your case. For instance, when you do not care much about print speed as this is not an important factor, you can definitely go for more affordable models.

Last but not least with speed, you have to also take into account light curing speed. Cheap models can use fast peeling mechanisms capable of offering enough printing speed for most possible users.

Open Resin Compatibility

The very best resin model is the one that can use several types of resin. Many items on the market just allow you to use a specific specialized option as a print consumable. We have to understand that this is a huge limitation. The quality 3D printers always take into account the use of open systems. They are compatible with several third-party resin types. Such an advantage should not be taken lightly as you never know when you cannot find the specialty option necessary for some 3D resin printers.

Post-Processing Tools

Every single 3D printed model needs post-processing and a proper cleaning. Post-cured samples end up with fewer deformations and much higher strength. That is why we need to understand that the best 3D resin printer for you is the one that offers several good post-processing tools. This should include a good curing box, a cleaning machine, cleaning gloves, cleaning solvents, and as much extra as possible. All of these tools do wonders when it comes to reducing labor costs and improving overall print efficiency.

Parameter Settings And Slicers

The first vital part of 3D printing processes is slicing. You thus need to use slicing software for an easy and fast preprocessing. The reliable 3D resin printer manufacturers offer you the slicer for free. You just download it and are free to use it. The free slicer is normally self-developed by the manufacturer. All you have to do is to set up your 3R resin printer, the type of resin you use, and the rest of the settings are synced. While you can use slicing software manufactured by someone else, usually the best option for the resin 3D printer is the one offered by the printer manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Always take into account all the factors mentioned above and you will surely be able to find some really good resin 3D printers that you can buy. However, you should take one more step, which is reading customer reviews. Do this to be sure there won’t be some serious problems encountered in the future.