Can I Be A Web Designer Without Coding? 

Can I Be A Web Designer Without Coding? 

Can I Be A Web Designer Without Coding? 

The world we live in today is rapidly going digital. Nearly all industries have taken their operations online, especially during the pandemic. As remote work continues to rage over, the traditional forms of business and marketing have gradually begun taking a backseat. Website development has now become a skill that is widely used and required. Web development has become the most sought after profession in today’s time. Being established as a website developer can yield great benefits both personally as well as professionally.

When we look at website development, coding in different computer languages such as JAVA, .NET, HTML, etc, is the most common way to create a web page. However, currently, with the help of numerous website builders such as Oxygen Builder, Elementor, etc, you can design a beautiful website with zero coding knowledge. You can compare website builders in order to choose the best website builder for you. Thus, in today’s time, it is not essential to be a coding expert to be a website designer. Now you can also be a web designer without knowing how to code. Here, we have curated a quick guide about the same; read on to find out more!

Difference Between Designing and Development

When we talk about website development and website design, we often confuse them for being the same. While in reality, both the fields are quite different from each other. While website development marches towards the more technical domain, website designing reclines more towards the creative side. While coding might be a requirement for website development, it is not essential for a website designer. The quick answer to the question- Can I be a web designer without coding is yes!

Understand The Process

Even if you don’t know how to code, still you’ll have to understand how the interactive elements, various buttons, Call to Action buttons function in a webpage. It will help you develop the webpage according to the customer’s requirements. You can also control the colors, patterns, and tones of the web page using the code, adding an angle of customization—basic knowledge of coding that can aid web page designing while you are at it.

Know The Basics of HTML and CSS

While understanding coding in totality might not be possible for all, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS are the prerequisites to enter the profession of website designing and development. Even though it is not essential to programming your code for the website, a basic understanding may be required for front-end development. Being able to build simple web pages using HTML and CSS can lead you forward in the process of becoming an avid web designer, if not a professional web developer and coding expert.

Get the Hang of Photo Editing And Related Softwares

When one is proficient in photo editing and related software, designing a website can be right at the fingertips. With the knowledge of photo editors such as photoshop, one can get the visuals and the graphics of the website sorted.

Understand Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal can help you develop a website without writing a code. Through these platforms, you get the options of selecting a theme and customizing the webpage. To carry out these processes, one does not have to write even a single code. These content management systems give access to modifying various factors such as images, font, colors, and the like. Understanding them can be an essential tool for aspiring website developers and designers.

Code-Free Website Builders

It can be the easiest way out for people wanting to build their websites without coding. We have a range of different platforms available for the purpose that include Without Code, Webflow, etc. These building and hosting platforms provide different website templates that can be selected as per the business’s requirements. These platforms then provide all the technical help required and enable the user to customize their webpage as they like.

The domains of website development and designing might be interconnected, but they are not the same. To conclude, it is indeed possible for someone to establish themselves as a web designer without knowing how to code correctly. And even though the idea of being a website developer or a website designer might seem very complicated, with the right knowledge, anyone can excel at it. With the right tools and the correct information, you can acquire all the skills you need to fulfill your goals.

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