Best ways to find web design inspiration

web design inspiration

web design inspiration

Web design is important because it is the backbone of your product or service during selling and providing service online. Best web design helps you keep your leads on your page, so you need to find the best Web Design Inspiration ideas for getting organic lead.

Suppose! we have a customer. Mr. Customer wants a website. Mr. Customer has no special requirements (at least for now – trust, what a blissful moment this is, the silence before the storm, the eye of the storm). Mr. Client wants the website to be nice. You feel that air of artistic freedom when you suddenly… run into a wall. Zero satisfying, original ideas. This does not fit the subject that has already been somewhere, and yet you are not into repetitions of entertainment. And what now?

The developer thinks: “It’s none of my business; I want to code; give me a graphic!” The graphic designer thinks, “I’m suck, I’m burned out.” And it’s quite normal that sometimes we are bursting with ideas left and right, and sometimes … it’s just not like that. Sometimes an uninteresting, boring topic, sometimes a mentally worse day. I know that it is enough to look at your dog in some situations or go for a walk, and just like that, we immediately come up with our next brilliant idea. However, this does not always help. Then there is no need to wait for a sudden surge in creative inspiration.

I want to share with you my base of frontline inspiration. It will be useful to anyone who is faced with designing a website from scratch.


It’s just a website that calls for inspiration. It is divided into many sections – we can search for inspiration of entire pages (e.g. 404, logins, etc.) or various sections (e.g. menu, footers, forms, tabs, etc.). The filtering of ideas is really well organized. Unfortunately, CallToIdea is not a bottomless well. The number of specific ideas for each category does not knock you on your knees. The variety and freshness of the designs also leave much to be desired. Important – each solution is only a photo, purely visual inspiration. Nevertheless, I consider this source to be a valuable place on the web.


The library is divided into 4 blocks. The first is a large database of all sorts of websites that hang somewhere on the Internet and live their own lives. The second block contains specific page elements (e.g. menu, pagination). Importantly – we will find here not only an idea but also its programming solution! The ready-made pieces of code are not only HTML, CSS and JS, but also SCSS! The third block is called triggers – visualizations, animations, various ways of website interaction with the user. Each idea is a description, photo and link to a live page. The fourth block is of no use in design. Entering ZURB, you can initially feel a slight chaos, colliding with a mix of various inspirations. They are not divided into any subcategories; luckily, the search engine is doing great. The library is huge, and I’m glad it’s based on live websites. However, its advantage is also a disadvantage. Often, when you go on a specific inspiration, it turns out that the website has already been rebuilt or does not exist at all.


This is a site full of links to other awesome, inspiring, exemplary, live sites. Filtering by page topic is available. A great item if we are looking for a general style, the concept of a new website.


Everyone knows this item for sure Very similar to the above – it is a database of brilliant websites, awarded with quite prestigious awards. The filtration, in this case, is a bit more extensive – apart from the choice of subject matter, we can define the colours, key tags or the type of award granted.


A gallery of great, live pages. We filter by colours, style and themes. BWG allows you to vote for selected pages, add comments, view their screenshots. The collected inspirations are diverse. Everyone will find something for themselves.


Another database of websites nominated or awarded by “CSS Nectar”. Here you will find a gallery of really outstanding, advanced pages with soul and heart. In addition to standard filtering by colors, style and theme, we also choose the country of origin of the website.


This is a combine. I will not describe the different ways to search for specific items, because I know only one – the search engine. The website is unintuitive for me; I can’t navigate freely, maybe my brain is too wrinkled. Nevertheless – this is just a combination. Inspirations of entire pages, individual sections, animations, interactions, a database of free ready-made solutions available without logging in – click “download”. The people who share all these wonders are probably angels.


A beautiful gallery of all interfaces. Each inspiration is a living, true website. Standard search engine. The website is simple, minimalistic, incredibly readable and pleasing to the eye of every esthete.


An interesting source of design inspiration. However, it’s hard to find anything specific there. It’s best to treat Muzli as a kick of good ideas – subscribe or add a Chrome extension.


Only for those interested – a collection of inspiration for online stores or websites selling anything. Each idea is a link to a real website.


As the name suggests – the base inspires the so-called landing pages. Each suggestion is an actual working page. We filter by categories that mainly determine the subject of the page. Nothing more, nothing less.


Continuing the topic of thematic inspiration – I now recommend the website, which is the basis of various portfolios. At first glance, it is not impressive, but in the end it can stimulate your imagination.


The source of beautiful, living websites in the concept of flat design. Of course, as a standard, we search for pages by subject, color. What’s more interesting – we can also filter them by font or style (e.g. one page, background video etc.). I like Flat Inspire, I do. I like that I don’t have to search for pages according to the latest trends – here each item is simple, clean and smelling new.


Another collection of inspirations for followers of flat design. What distinguishes Flat DSGN? Freebies! We can find really unusual solutions to common problems here and quickly, easily, and pleasantly implement them.


The enormity, enormity, enormous ideas for animations, all kinds of traffic on our website. The division into specific elements (e.g. buttons, calendars, etc.). On the website, we usually see only a GIF with a concept presentation and a link, e.g. to dribble. There we can find a piece of codeThe novelty is the so-called “User flows” – or movies where we will see clicking through more or less popular websites. Of course, to perform some specific function. This perfectly illustrates the intuitiveness of the portals and the way of presenting some options.


A collection of all sorts of good websites filtered by theme and style. Does it stand out from other bases of this type? On mine, however, perhaps a fork knife is where you will find your perfect inspiration.


This teges… another collection of pages, this time in the “one-page” concept. For lovers.


We can find here a lot of various templates, for example WordPress, Joomla, Magento … All in all, any website with templates can be a good source of inspiration. However, in Template Monster and Theme Forest, I can guarantee you great quality templates, following trends, functional architecture. In addition, if you are building a website for a difficult, perhaps niche, the market you do not know – you will find some inspiration among tens of thousands of templates.


And that’s an interesting thing! Little big details is a portal that shows some details on various websites – they are usually so small that we do not pay attention to them, but important enough to be aware of them! Here you can find some amazing examples of solutions to problems in everyday life of a web designer. It would be good to follow the page and soak up all these inspirations regularly. Unfortunately, the website has not been updated for half a year (sobbing). Anyway – in the case of functional problems – I recommend it.


Mockups, UI design, icons, animations and more. For free. Graphic Burger is mainly a free web download database, but it is also a brilliant form of inspiration.

This is the ending – these gentlemen do not need to be introduced to you. However, it is worth remembering them during inspirational research. Yes – Pinterest can do it too.

Whew… The internet sites are full of other inspiring sites. I have given you just a fraction of what is beautiful, inventive, and what is vivid in our imagination. However, I believe that this fundamental base will deal with most of our problems. Let’s develop! Let’s absorb what is useful and at the same time, pleasing to the eye! Most people designing anything are not born with the “I have a hundred ideas per minute” gene. A good product consists of the author’s experience and the willingness to develop, open up to new ones, broaden horizons.

Share your links that inspire you! 

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