Best Software for Data Collection

Best Software for Data Collection

Best Software for Data Collection

If you are looking for software for data collection which you can use on collecting images, videos, spreadsheets, and GPS coordinates, you came to the right place. File Request Pro is the ideal solution for collecting and organizing the client’s data securely without concerning the device they use.

File Request Pro is software that will integrate with some popular cloud platforms. So every user can automate their file collections and reduce the manual errors caused by wrangling.

Easy Tool for Data Collection

You can use this File Request Pro software to send links for your clients to direct them to a branded upload page. Clients can fill the form fields and drop their files to the file drop zone. These data will be sent through an encrypted connection to the inbox, or it might be sent to your cloud drive. It can be organized with whatever you choose.

File Request Pro is software that can integrate with Google Drive, SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox natively. To have a connection with other apps, you can use Zapier.

If the clients need to send you their data, they should have an internet connection here.

How to Collect Data from File Request Pro?

There are so many detailed functionalities that come with File Request Pro. All those are designed for clients to get in easy and have a quick run as soon as possible.

  • You can sign up for a free trial from File Request Pro and select the Add new page button. There, you will connect the software to your cloud drive, and it only needs one click. You can select three cloud options here: Microsoft, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You can choose anyone from those three as your preferred cloud drive.
  • Then, users are redirected into the upload page. Here you can customize it as much as you like, and it can be changed by adding a logo, adding colors, changing the microscopy, and specifying the page URL. If you need, you can add some form fields too. File Request Pro is supporting software for the conditional logic so that clients will see the relevant questions only for them.
  • Next, you can add your file upload fields.
  • As the last step, you can embed the upload page within your own website or send a link to the clients for a standalone page. The data from your clients will appear automatically on your cloud drive.

Automating Low-Value Data Collection

If you have a team that spends more time searching hundreds of mail threads to search for clients’ data and organizing all the files manually and chasing your clients for the contents on deadline approaches, it is a heavy task that can lead to wasting so much time. But if you have an automation system, it can save all your time with hassle.

You can connect this File Request Pro on setting up a dynamic file organization, and it will connect your files to the individual or shared cloud drive. And then, you can specify the root folder where you need to collect your client’s data. After that, you can choose a specific value to use later to organize your data. This value can be either clients’ names, reference numbers, or whatever value, which can simplify your searching and organizing jobs. After all, you can make this value hidden so that your clients don’t get the chance to alter it.

Any field can be chosen to group files by adding it to your upload page from your cloud drive. There is no limit, and you can set up several form fields added to your upload page here.

If you need to automate several reminder emails for your clients and give them thank you and file request mails, you can directly use the templates. There are options to add variables in there like emails, customer names, and their files to make the process quick and to make it more and more repeatable. Here you can also specify the deadlines.

Keep the Data Secure with Encryption and Best Practices

If your clients ever send you confidential and private data, you must secure them as they are highly confidential. You need to transform your data collection processes into a more secure and trustworthy source. Sometimes, it may be problematic to use shared clouds and emails links.

So for all these problems, File Request Pro comes up with a solution. It is providing you with the greatest and the securest way for collecting data, and that entire process is not complicated for the client use as well. Your clients also find it easy to use, and all the data from File Request are encrypted using the encryption algorithm AES 256-bit.

File Request Pro’s services are built from cloud services like Linode and Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it more relevant for the security mechanisms.

There is a whole history available from the messages in File Request Pro, and there are file download and uploads options as well. You can know when a file has been uploaded with the details of the uploader and their devices through File Request Pro.

Fewer Errors and High Speed for Data Collection

File Request Pro can directly guide the clients to send their data for you. You can create some upload pages and customize them to ask them for the data to fulfill each criterion. If you use pre-fill form values, it will be beneficial to save the client’s time and minimize the errors happening with the query strings.

Using a well-designed interface will be much quicker to request data from your clients than using a piecemeal process that deals with comebacks for your clients.

You can now create a process for data collection which can easily repeat, so you will be able to use it for all the clients. It will only ask for some minor customizations with several verticals of clients. Otherwise, everything can be used repeatedly.

File Request Pro for Free

You can now sign up for a trial for free and check if File Request Pro is suitable for your company or not. The free trial will be available for 14 days, and if there are any questions, you can contact the File Request Pro team directly.

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