Best Smart Phone in US for 2021: The top smartphones we’ve tested

Mobile Phone 2021

Mobile Phone 2021

There are quite a few mobile phone leaderboards on the net, each magazine ranks according to its own criteria. We try to bring objectivity into it, which is why we have created our own smartphone leaderboard for you – which is made up of the test results from CHIP, CONNECT, the Amazon customer ratings, and the DxOmark value. So we use reputable and meaningful sources and aggregate our own best list for smartphone friends.

Which is better: iPhone or Android smartphone?

💬 The crucial question in the smartphone world: which is better, iPhone, or Android? That is certainly also a question of your own preferences: If you can find your way around the Apple cosmos, you are well-positioned with an iPhone. Long update supply, but expensive. In the leaderboard, however, Android smartphones usually occupy the top positions, with hot candidates from Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

What distinguishes a good smartphone?

💬 In order to be considered a very good smartphone, everything has to fit: A fast processor, lots of memory and RAM, a very good camera and a high-resolution display are a must. And, that’s simply a fact: a high price – high-end devices cost money too.

Cell phone leaderboard: These are the current top smartphones

Your mobile phone leaderboard should show you the way to the current top smartphones. Which phones do particularly well in tests ? Which smartphones get a particularly good score?

The inclusion of different test reports results in a complete picture – the search for the best smartphone will be very easy for you.

Because of course there are numerous smartphone manufacturers and many approaches to the ultimate leaderboard. Be it hardware, customer opinions or individual components such as the camera.

Cell phone leaderboard

The analysis of relevant test magazines shows: Who is the real smartphone test winner?




Huawei Mate 40 Pro
updated: 11/10/20

Note 1.3136

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (5G)
updated: 10/20/20

Note 1.2437 of 5004.3 of 5126

OnePlus 8 Pro
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.3438 of 5004.6 of 5119

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
updated: 9/28/20

Note 1.2434 of 5004.6 of 5118

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G
updated: 10/5/20

Note 1.3429 of 500

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
updated: 1.11.20

Note 1.3433 of 500124

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (5G)
updated: 11/5/20

Note 1.2428 of 5004.6 of 5

iPhone 12 Pro Max
updated: 11/22/20

Note 1.34.4 of 5130

Asus ROG Phone 3
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.4

iPhone 12 Pro
updated: 11/22/20

Note 1.44.6 of 5128

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
updated: 10/5/20

Note 1.3430 of 5004.1 of 5121

Xiaomi Mi 10
updated: 1.11.20

Note 1.54.6 of 5

Samsung Galaxy S20
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.3417 of 5004.4 of 5

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.4432 of 5004.7 out of 5113

iPhone 11 Pro Max
updated: 1.9.20

Note 1.3404 of 5004.8 of 5117

OnePlus 8
updated: 5.9.20

Note 1.5433 of 5004.6 of 5

Samsung Galaxy S10
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.4422 of 5004.6 of 5

Huawei P40 Pro
updated: 1.9.20

Note 1.4431 of 5004.1 of 5132

iPhone 12 Mini
updated: 1.11.20

Note 1.54.7 out of 5

Huawei P30 Pro
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.5434 of 5004.5 of 5116

iPhone 11 Pro
updated: 1.9.20

Note 1.4407 of 5004.8 of 5

Sony Xperia 1 II
updated: 1.9.20

Note 1.5420 of 500

Oppo Find X2 Pro
updated: 10/4/20

Note 1.5421 of 5004.3 of 5126

Sony Xperia 5 II
updated: 9/16/20

Note 1.4412 of 5004.6 of 5

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
updated: 11/5/20

Note 1.5420 of 5004.6 of 5

Google Pixel 5
updated: 11/1/20

Note 1.5120

iPhone 11
updated: 1.9.20

Note 1.5397 of 5004.8 of 5

OnePlus Nord
updated: 1.10.20

Note 1.6430 of 5004.6 of 5108

iPhone SE (2020)
updated: 1.9.20

Note 1.64.8 of 5101

Google Pixel 4a
updated: 11/5/20

Note 1.8397 of 500111

Google Pixel 3a
updated: 1.9.20

387 of 5004.4 of 5101

Samsung Galaxy A71
updated: 9/30/20

Note 2.04.6 of 584

Samsung Galaxy A51
updated: 1.10.20

Note 2.24.5 of 5

We evaluated 33 smartphone reviews. Ratings vary over time. On the date behind the smartphone, you can see when we last updated the data for the test reports overview.

Smartphone middle-class test 2021

And how does the middle-class smartphone perform in the test ? A new trend is emerging in 2021, primarily due to the fact that premium smartphones are becoming more and more expensive: the middle class is becoming increasingly popular.

Underrated middle class

And of course: it doesn’t always have to be a high-end device. Even smartphones in the middle price range are sometimes well equipped. Nevertheless: Some valuable points are missing from the cell phone test winner.

Mobile phone tests at a glance: who is testing?

Who even tests cell phones? Here we present an overview of the most important mobile phone tests. Basically: It is better not to rely on a single test grade, but to use as many tests as possible. That just gives a better overall picture.

CHIP mobile phone leaderboard

The CHIP cell phone leaderboard is one of the veterans when it comes to cell phone tests. Here you will find over 200 smartphones and find out how they perform in the test. Attention: While the test grades in the overview (list of the best) are still being updated, the individual tests often show different grades (probably the first test grade).

Every cell phone receives a grade, which is made up of the individual grades of equipment, performance, battery, display and camera.

The price assessment is worth its own partial rating for the CHIP – this, in turn, is made up of the total number of points and the price.

With ones, CHIP is not stingy. So it’s no wonder that many manufacturers like the CHIP seal with the label “very good”. In our opinion, this is rated too loosely rather than too critically (end).

Best smartphones in the CONNECT test

Connect also takes on smartphones. A cell phone can achieve up to 500 points in the overall rating. The test also includes more in-depth technical aspects.

One thing is clear, however: Even the best devices don’t even come close to 500 points, at around 440 points (which corresponds to almost 88%) the top is over. This means that the CONNECT test results, measured against CHIP, are more critical.

ComputerBILD mobile phone test

As a specialist magazine, ComputerBILD insists on performing cell phone tests on a regular basis, often when the devices come out immediately. Equipment (camera, battery, connections, IP standard, display) and price are taken into account. In the Cobi mobile phone test, there is then a school grade as a result, although there are not too many A-class model students. The ratings are rather “worse” (measured against CHIP).

Stiftung Warentest smartphone test: irregular

In the mobile phone comparison of the Stiftung Warentest, there is always an update in which new smartphones are added. Mostly Samsung occupies the top places here, which may partly be due to the selection (it is noticeable that the test lists are updated quite shortly after the S or Note series is released, so you may be guided by the new releases from the South Koreans which then sometimes become test winners).

Because the selection is far from complete (especially shortly after the release), and the latest flagships are often missing. In addition, the update is more arbitrary than regular (twice a year) – and thus often a little out of time. We have to admit that there have been significant improvements in the last few tests. And the variety of models has increased.

It is still worth taking a look, but: The product testers are not particularly up-to-date or fresh. Perhaps more thoroughly instead. It was last tested in November 2021 – and these 18 models are new. Now at least the new iPhones are included.

The Stiftung Warentest mobile phone comparison gives numerous smartphones a grade - this then becomes the list of the best

DXoMark camera test

In the DXoMark camera set, the focus is on the smartphone camera. The main and front cameras are usually tested separately.

The DXoMark score is an important industry value and is made up of zoom, bokeh and autofocus. So you can assess whether the camera is delivering high-quality images.

Other test categories are the audio quality and, new since October 2021, the display.


Best smartphone camera

The smartphone with the best camera can therefore be found on the DxO hit list. Sometimes surprising who then suddenly tops this partial list of the best:

DXoMark camera test: New record for the Mi 10 Ultra

Experience of Amazon customers with smartphones

The mobile phone experiences of Amazon customers are also a good starting point for the search for the best smartphone. That is why we include the reviews in our overall rating. But only slightly, of course, because after all, these are rather subjective impressions that are only relevant as a whole.

Benchmark tests for smartphones

The hardware performance (such as processor, graphics chip) is measured using benchmark tests and given in the form of a score. Antutu, for example, is known for smartphone benchmarks.

EISA Award for the smartphone of the year

The EISA Award for the Smartphone of the Year is a prize given by an association of special interest magazines from all over Europe. In addition to the best smartphone, there are also awards for the best camera and the best foldable.

Most popular smartphone

Let us come from qualitative research to quantity. The most popular smartphone is measured on the basis of purchase numbers, so it is actually equivalent to the best-selling smartphone and of course, differs worldwide (purchasing power).

But you can already get an impression by doing this.

Omdia analysis: first half of 2020

Cell phone comparison 2021 – top smartphones from the leaderboard

If you are interested in the individual manufacturers: You can find them here!

Smartphone trends: 5G innovations are coming

Always up to date: If you want to know which new smartphones are coming, it’s best to follow our contribution. A very clear trend is emerging during the transition from 4G / LTE to 5G: 5G smartphones are commonplace, and hardly any manufacturer is doing without the 5G cellular standard.

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