5 Best Shopify Apps for 2021 to Increase Your Sales

Best Shopify Apps for 2021

Best Shopify Apps for 2021

Shopify makes it easier for brands to bring their products online and makes their first and ongoing sales. With thousands of apps on the Shopify App Store, a retailer can find a solution for any challenge. There is more than one app available to them from product sourcing to marketing and increasing repeat purchases. 

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Simply put, Shopify store owners are increasingly deciding what app they need to grow their business.

In this article, we share the top five Shopify apps for 2020 that are sure to boost your sales and revenue. 

The best Shopify apps for 2020 

If you are a dropshipper, it’s essential to add new products to your store continually. But if you’re trying to run your business in a specific niche, it can be challenging to find as many products as possible while ensuring excellent quality.  return for more.  

1. PushOwl 

Each Shopify store displays ads on social media and search engine. It’s getting harder for brands to see their products. Relying on ads or waiting for your subscribers to open your email newsletters is no longer an option. 

PushOwl is a web push notification provider that allows stores to send push messages to customers and subscribers in real-time – even when they are not in the store. This helps brands cut through the hype and reach shoppers right on the screen of the device they use – a desktop computer or a mobile phone. 

2. ReConvert 

Regular customers are responsible for generating 40% of the store’s revenues. Still, most Shopify stores do not re-engage the buyer who just made the purchase. They thank them for trusting their brand and send in order updates until they are delivered. But how about bringing them back for more? 

ReConvert is a simple yet powerful thank you page optimization app in Shopify. Smart Page Builder allows you to customize the thank you page with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can upsell products, sell different assortments, and even recommend more products to the buyer who just made the purchase. Turn around to thank the customer for the re-sale, immediately! 

3. WooHoo 

Not all buyers who come to your website will become customers on their first visit. But if they have absolutely no interaction with your store, there’s no way to make sure they come back. With so many stores offering them similar offers, you can’t blame them for forgetting yours! Therefore, building an email list is essential, and the age-old popups are no longer useful. 

WooHoo is another of the best Shopify apps for 2020  build email lists. It features popular online games like spin-the-wheel, coupon roll, card dance, and gift selection in the usual email popup. This makes the buyer more engaging, increasing the likelihood of interactions and conversions. 

4. Flashchat 

Over 1.3 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month – including the online shoppers you target your ads too. When you use the platform for advertising and promoting your products, why not use it to keep subscribers and buyers engaged and get them to buy more? 

Flashchat is a smart Shopify app that allows stores to configure Messenger marketing automation. It will enable them to create cart recovery campaigns, send product recommendations, up-sell products, shipment confirmations and more to increase sales and ensure repeat purchases. 

Choosing the right Shopify apps 

Just like every customer is different, online stores are also different. What may work for one may not produce the same results for the other. 

So, rather than just installing the Shopify apps that a competitor is using, do your research. In addition to the features mentioned, see user reviews and ratings, customer support, and app screenshots. These aspects will show you how interactive and easy the app is, and whether you will have help when you need to! 

Well, now that you know the best Shopify apps for 2020, it’s time to take advantage of them and increase your sales. 

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