Best Keyword Rank Tracking tool to Check Google Rankings



Someone with a clear knowledge of search engine optimization recognizes that keywords are a vital aspect of SEO. When people use search engines—such as Google or Bing—they use terms or phrases, and these keywords will create a connection between well-optimized pages and users. 

A strong keyword strategy will enhance the odds of being mentioned on the search engine results list, and it is necessary to examine how well your technique and website are doing with the keyword position trackers.  

To boost your SEO, you need to handle keywords well so that you can figure out which keywords are effective for your specific domain and which are not. This knowledge helps you to focus on using the best keywords, improving your odds of having a higher ranking in Search engines such as Google. 

To achieve this task, you need a rank checker that will tell you where a certain keyword stands in Google search results without searching through 100 search results manually. 

Why You Should Use a Keyword Position Tracker

A content writer or SEO specialist needs to review their Google keyword rating for keyword phrases. One of the most frequent errors authors and site developers make is that they compose and post articles without targeting any phrases at all. 

Tracking a broad range of keywords that better represent your service or brand and would also demonstrate which keywords constantly produce outcomes, so that you can incorporate them in your articles and update sites that are not well rated. You will also be able to spot jewels in the dust—keywords that are important to your services or goods that are trendy.  

By keeping a close eye on them, you can start using phrases that are beginning to increase in popularity. If done right, this will significantly improve your search engine ranking and move the content to the top of the search results.  

Best Tracking Software to Check Keyword Search Engine Ranking:

To reach the ultimate goal, you need a keyword position tracker that will tell you where a certain keyword ranks in Google search results without scrolling across 100 search results and websites individually. To assist you with this, we’ve assembled a list of some best rank tracking software to check google keyword ranking. So, let’s go ahead and read all about them.  


This keyword position checker helps you to review not only yours but the rank of any site for any keyword by simply entering the appropriate keywords and domains. It would be best if you used this rank checker to evaluate your own or competing for keyword position on Google. As you only need to put keywords and domains, and with a single click, you’ll get precise results instantly. 

The Keyword Rank Checker by is one of the best online tool to optimize your content properly, which results in a high ranking on the SERPs. This rank checker online helps you to search either by link or keyword and is available to use on any device or gadget. You can receive results quickly for any specific site. And you wouldn’t have to think about incorrect outcomes when checking keyword positions with this keyword position tracker. 

2. AccuRanker:

If you’re searching for a dedicated paid keyword position checker, then this rank checker online is the ultimate solution. The greatest feature that ACCURANKER embraces is its interface, which is friendly and quick to get started. You can track keyword search engine ranking, and you can even search for Yandex and Bing. In reality, this keyword position checker is very common as the monitoring of Yandex keywords. One of the useful features of the keyword position checker tool is that it can review keyword rankings depending on your target region or country, and the results are quick and precise. 

3. SEO Book Rank Checker:

This keyword position checker is a well-known rank checker since it gets a practical sense of how a site does with a wide list of keywords. Unlike other free applications that could take a few minutes or longer to send you to search engine rankings, the SEO BOOK TOOL works more efficiently, showing you keyword ranking results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

This keyword position tracker just works with Firefox, so if you’re a regular Firefox customer, this could be the best platform for testing your rating needs. You ought to be cautious not to use SEO BOOK too much as you might get removed from Google for too many keyword rating requests. SEO BOOK also does not save your search engine rankings over time, and you’ll have to transfer your rankings on a routine basis to track changes in ranks over time. 


You must find the best keyword position tracker that fits you. Taking our top-ranking checkers as a guideline will make your quest fast and simple, and save you hours that you can spend applying your enhanced SEO expertise to enhance your ranking and improve your performance. 

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