Best Industrial Push Button Switch Suppliers in 2023 & 2024

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Push button switches are critical in the operation of numerous industrial machines. In many instances, the malfunctioning or failure of these switches often means that the plant is unable to operate at optimal capacity, leading to massive losses. To avoid such, it’s vital for plant managers to get high-quality push button switches to install in their machinery.

However, this is usually a problem since most don’t know where to get the best industrial push button switch. If this is you, don’t fret. Here’s a compilation of the best push button switch suppliers in 2023 and 2024.


This trailblazing Chinese manufacturer offers a great variety of high-quality push button switches, among other switch types. It has made a name for itself through aggressive innovation that, in some instances, has defined the industry’s direction. Part of this innovation has also been dedicated toward improving the safety of industry machinery that relies on its push button switches. Check out their website

APIELE has always been committed to delivering products and after-sale services that exceed the expectations of their customers. Its robust customer support is perhaps the best of all entries on this list.

In addition, APIELE’s prices its products very competitively. The company can offer these great prices thanks to its massive investment in factories and direct-to-market sales model that eliminates middlemen. This is why its products are utilized by numerous companies in their industrial machinery.


Based in California, USA, this industrial push button manufacturer has existed since 1963. Throughout its 60 years of experience, its high-quality switches have garnered a lot of credence from customers. It mainly operates on a build-to-order basis and keeps only limited stock on its standard offerings.

The minimum order price is around $250 for most of its products. Electro-Mech can manufacture almost any industrial switch design that the customer can order. This includes shockproof, waterproof, and vibration proof switches that accommodate up to six discrete circuits.

NKK Switches

NKK has over 65 years of experience in making top-quality industrial switches. It provides clients with complete industrial switch design and manufacturing solutions, including improving existing systems, system testing, and firmware programming. The company also offers various value-added services like custom assembly services to optimize the usefulness of their products to their customers.

It designs most of its industrial push button switches to be easily scalable and save space on control panels. NKK Switches prides itself in having a RoHS2 environmental compliance certificate and CSA & UL certifications for its products. It typically prices its products based on the client’s needs, with the average lead time being four weeks.

Schnieder Electric

Probably the oldest industrial switches manufacturer on this list, Schnieder Electric is a French company founded in 1836. The company has survived throughout all these years by offering high-quality, reliable switches and cultivating long-term client relationships. Its most popular product is the Harmony line, which have silicon booted heads and special contacts for low-power and high-power switching. Recently, Schnieder Electric has been making a push to integrate its industrial push button switches into the IoT (Internet of Things).

Partying Shot

Whichever industrial push button switch supplier you pick from this list, you can expect to get the best. Ensure that a qualified professional does the switch installation and that proper machinery testing is done afterward.