Best Features of GTA 5 Mobile



Every gamer wants to have a mobile version of their favorite online PC games. Some of those PC games might have official mobile versions, and some may not.

There are still many unofficial ways to run them on mobile devices for those games that are compatible only on PCs and through consoles or controllers. The only flaw is that there could be some minor changes in the overall functioning of the game.

The same is the case with the GTA 5 of the famous Grand Theft Auto gaming series. The previous versions of GTA can be ported on mobile devices. However, the Rockstar Games, this time, did not develop a portable version of GTA 5 for mobile phones.

And as always, developers have found some unofficial means to play GTA 5 on mobile devices. There are mirroring techniques, sideloads, and even APK versions of GTA 5 from third-party sources. If you want, you can find these tactics to download GTA 5 mobile.

Since you are a GTA gamer, you would know what new features and updates this new release of GTA 5 has to offer to its players. The players can fully utilize those features only when playing on PCs or through consoles and controllers. But if you somehow manage to run this version of Grand Theft Auto on a mobile device, then the impression will vary.

Thus, here I have formed a list of some amazingly critical features that the Grand Theft Auto 5 mobile version offers. If you go through it, you can see that GTA 5 has comparatively more and better features than GTA 4.

  • One of the most distinct and iconic features of this popular GTA 5 mobile is the multiplayer icon. It means that you can interact and play along with other GTA players. This multiplayer feature has made Grand Theft Auto much more engaging and fun.
  • Unlike other versions of the GTA gaming series, the GTA 5 gives its players the option to switch between different characters. Since GTA 5 has introduced three new characters to the game, the player can change his character even during the gaming session.
  • The GTA 5 mobile version gives its players various choices regarding planes, cars, and helicopters to level up their gaming tactics.
  • Another fantastic feature that many gamers love is the ability to control the flow of the game. So, freedom is the highlighting feature of GTA 5. You can interpret it as your ability to manage in which direction the mission within the game goes. Although there are still some restrictions for this feature, you can control how a gaming session will end.
  • In the earlier versions of GTA, you must have encountered the underwater world. And in GTA 5, you get the ability to explore this underwater world for the mission.
  • GTA 5 has such stunning graphics that you get a realistic feeling when you go through different scenes and maps for your mission. You would feel like the character is actually you in the game.

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  • Unlike other GTA gaming series, GTA 5 now allows its players to make investments. The awards and money you obtained through completing various missions in the game can be spent in the game itself. It means that you can buy a property and new limited features to level up yourself or to improve your business missions.
  • Another outstanding feature of Grand Theft Auto 5 that will improve your whole GTA gaming experience is the cars. You now get varieties of new model cars with amazing vehicle effects.

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