Best Educational Tools That Will Enhance Your Academic Skills

Educational Tools

Educational Tools

Every learner needs to perform better through the enhancement of academic skills. The desire to achieve better often demands that students equip themselves with the best resources that provide insight into academic success. Apart from tutoring, these resources act as supplements to every student’s needs—education cuts across various aspects as highlighted at my dissertations service. Therefore, as a way of helping the learners to enhance their skills, this piece covers the four educational tools that will push their academic journey to the next level. Surprisingly, they are all free. You can always access them to your liking. Let us set the ball rolling.

Dragon Dictation

It is a shared resource loved by students in their educational journey. It is even more essential if you are the person who dislikes ending writing and typing. Yes, Dragon Dictation will come in handy to help you through sentence structuring just by dictating it. Once you find it hard to write an entire sentence or you find it challenging to handle, you can always dictate as the app converts what your say into a sequence of words just as you instruct it. It saves good time and typing. Right?  The educational tool works perfectly well in essay writing cases; therefore, you can imagine how essays can be walkthroughs with this handy educational resource. All you need is to perform is dictations and focus on editing at a later stage. Sit back, relax and speak out, the app will listen, write and you will then format at the end.

Another crucial educational tool you will need for academic growth is While other essential tools provide similar services as, it is crucial to understand the uniqueness of this specific tool. Perhaps you have been on a spree of seeking the best application housing thousands and thousands of words and quizzes to improve your vocabulary and spelling – seek no more. is a go-for resource. It is even more resourceful, keeping in mind that it can be the ultimate resource to support the essential words in history. Above all, it provides unlimited support for lots of definitions and meanings. You do not need to be skilled enough to use it – it is a simple, usable tool with many colorful features to enjoy. It is your inspirer to seeking one of the best terms for you.

Google Drive

Among the services from Google, Google Drive is among the most usable and standard educational tools everyone needs to adopt. Its features and benefits are endless. You have more than enough to do with this application. Right from slides, essay writing, and the essential educational necessities, Google Drive will give you a perfectly different experience. More importantly, Google Drive is free, and you can therefore access and use it at your pleasure.  Like any other application, Google Drive has a simple, usable interface that will give you a good time working on your academic tasks.

Google Slides

At one time, you may need to make a few presentations say, for some educational project or a related task. If you need to make better presentations, do not be so quick to go for software that will mint enough money from you. Before you do so, try Google slides – it is a better matching option. With Google slides, you can prepare colorful presentations that will capture your audience and enable them to understand what you are driving at home. Moreover, you can share the presentations you prepare online with other students or perhaps tutors. It, therefore, comes with the most elegant features that are probably absent in other applications or software.


There is a lot to gather when finding some of the essential educational resources. Even though you may consider some of the platforms as old-fashioned, it is crucial to explore the depth of how the tools can be resourceful. Try them, simplify your academic tasks and grow your skills. For more tech tips, visit technology homework answers.

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