6 of the Best Ecommerce Companies Based on Clutch Rankings 

Ecommerce is the future of business. Everyone, from major brands to small businesses, has set up shop in one form or another online.

Due to this rise in digital commerce, businesses are looking for development solutions. More specifically, they are looking to get their eCommerce store developed.

With that demand, comes the supply. There are loads of eCommerce companies that are providing stellar customer services to clients. The question then becomes; which is best for you?

In this post, we’ll attempt to answer that by showcasing five of the best eCommerce companies on Clutch.

So, let’s start with the first one.

1. Codup (Clutch Rating: 4.9)



A software development company with a specialty in eCommerce development, Codup prides itself on the quality of work it provides to its customers.

The reviews and ratings of the company’s eCommerce projects demonstrate that fact. It provides a variety of eCommerce development services which range from WooCommerce development to Shopify, Magento, and custom eCommerce development.

Moreover, they also provide ERP/CRM integration services with all major eCommerce platforms today. This 360-degree eCommerce focus has enabled Codup to take on a variety of challenges, whether it be B2B, B2C, D2C or any other eCommerce sub-industry.

From what we can analyze, Codup’s services have been quite stellar when it comes to customer services.

From customer onboarding to nurturing, consultations, development, and delivery, Codup keeps the customer in the loop at all times. This enables them to iterate based on the customers’ requirements with relative ease and simplicity.

2. Interactivated Ecommerce (Clutch Rating: 4.7)

Interactivated Ecommerce

Interactivated Ecommerce

Interactivated eCommerce is another brand that prides itself on its ability to support eCommerce services. With over 25 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, Interactivated focuses on creating web experiences for a variety of different eCommerce platforms.

However, their main line of expertise is in Magento development. From upgrading Magento to modules, templates, building POS systems, and providing support, Interactivated’s services encompass a lot of services related to Magento.

In their clutch intro, they mention that they are platform agnostic, which indicates that interactivated doesn’t just focus on Magento. Rather, and as we discussed above, it provides eCommerce development expertise on a variety of different platforms.

The reviews of the company indicate a direct and professional approach towards eCommerce development.

They work in close touch with the client and develop innovative strategies that make their workflows easier. It also enables the client to understand their own project’s workflow easier.

All in all, it’s a well-established company that’s grown significantly well on Clutch in the past couple of years.

3. Intellias (Clutch Rating: 4.8)



A digital consulting firm that’s delivered a variety of development solutions to its clients (which include fortune 500 companies), Intellias is a name to look out for.

It’s a company featured in business magazines and has made a favorable repute in the eyes of investors and entrepreneurs alike.

A Ukrainian company, Intellias provides digital consulting, software engineering solutions (including eCommerce services), teams of skilled professionals, and more.

The reviews of Intellias showcase their level of technical knowledge. The company utilizes scrum for its projects.

At the same time, they also keep an in-depth focus on their customer services ensuring that the communication with the customer is never delayed. Because of this, they can provide dual benefits to their clients.

In one of the reviews, however, we saw that while they were praised, there was still a speck of human error in their operations. However, it was rather minor.

For that particular project, they understood the American retail market quickly and efficiently even while working overseas. Human errors are a part of every business, so we can’t assess the company from a single mistake.

4. 247 Labs Inc (Clutch Rating: 4.7)

247 Labs Inc

247 Labs Inc

247 Labs prides itself on the multitude of services it provides to its customers. The company offers a six-pronged process that promises client satisfaction.

Its range of services goes from web app, mobile app, and eCommerce dev, to custom application, UI/UX design, development operations, quality assurance, and more.

By providing these services, the company has been able to target a variety of industries from healthcare, to learning, financials, and more.

The processes of the business are focused on value addition to the client and it’s due to this that they can stand with a 4.7 rating on Clutch.

On seeing the reviews that they have on Clutch, we can estimate that 247 labs have had a good run for the past 9 years. The company prides itself on the level of customer service that it provides.

Moreover, one of the technical reviews indicated their willingness to be innovative towards the development process – coming up with unique ways to speed up the workflows for the client.

5. Nix (Clutch Rating: 4.5)



The last eCommerce development company in our list of businesses comes in the form of Nix. A company operating in the digital sphere for the past 27 years, Nix has managed to gain a serious reputation in the digital world, having been featured in a variety of magazines and publications.

With over 2100 experts working on a variety of different projects at the same time, its development workflows ensure complete satisfaction for the customer. Of course, eCommerce is a major part of its development services portfolio. However, that’s just the tip of their services which range from enterprise software development, big data software analytics, customized web development, and so much more.

Because they have a veteran status in the industry, they have covered a wide range of industries. These industries include healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, eCommerce, supply chain management, and so many more.

Coming to reviews, Nix isn’t short on that either. Its public reviews have been stellar. The company has been praised for its customer services, as well as its technical competencies when it comes to eCommerce services. In a constantly competitive market, they’ve managed to sail above and beyond due to such good reviews.

Which one should you select?

The company you select for your eCommerce development project depends entirely on you. You see, you can’t find a single company that’s suited to you entirely. There will always be some drawbacks to the company.

To select the right company, you need to research on your own. Try to think of various factors that are important to you. Once you’ve thought of them, interview several companies and see which one fits the bill in the best manner.

The rule of thumb when selecting an eCommerce company is to judge how well they are in terms of customer service, and how well-informed they keep you during the entire development process.

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