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We are going to explain what is the advantages of download managers. You can install on both mobile phones and laptops and desktops. As their name suggests, they are applications that seek to help you better manage the direct downloads of files that you make on the network, serving as an alternative to the integrated managers of the browsers themselves.

Also, as you may have come here looking for an alternative, we are going to end with a small list in which we will tell you the main recommended download managers in case you want to start using them.

What Is download managers?

When you are browsing the Internet and make a download, your browser takes care of managing it. It is very helpful if you want to download games from website like TN Hindi wesites.  In general, they usually do it through very basic simple internal managers in which the files are simply obtained, but which do not usually offer the best speed or have advanced options of any kind to manage them.

If you download a lot from the Internet or use direct download links, this is where the download managers come into play to fill the gaps in the browsers. They are independent applications that help you have greater control of what you download, as well as the sources from which the files are downloaded and the rates at which they are downloaded to your computer.

These managers have both basic and advanced functions. The most essential thing is that they allow you to accelerate downloads, pause and resume them, or order them to give more priority to some than others. But it is that depending on the management application you use, these functions can go further and allow you to manage accounts, decompress files or automatically obtain the links of a specific website.

There are two main types of download manager. On the one hand, there are those that manage the direct downloads that we have mentioned so far, which are what we usually refer to colloquially as download managers. But there are also the applications that manage downloads from P2P networks, which are other types of managers but usually receive other names such as Bittorrent clients or clients of the P2P network on which they are based.

In this article, when we talk about download managers, we refer to those that manage direct downloads, both when you download an application from a website and when you download the file that someone has shared with you through an intermediary website .

What are the advantages of download managers

The advantages of download managers can vary somewhat depending on the application you choose to install, as some of them seek to stand out from the competition with extra options that others do not have. Even so, there are some fairly common options that most of them usually include, and they are the ones we are going to refer to below.

The first advantage they have is that in many cases they tend to improve the download speed of a file . This is usually done by connecting several times to the same file to download it. In addition, they also usually have options to pause downloads and resume them , and there are even those that can set a lower download speed at times you decide so as not to interfere with other things you are doing.

The managers also help to obtain the download links of different elements of a web page . For example, in some such as jDownloader, when you copy the download link from a YouTube website, it finds both the images and the uploaded video, and allows you to decide which elements you want to download.

They also have other advantages such as allowing you to save the user accounts of different websites, from Google or OneDrive to those of link exchange pages, and thus be able to access the downloads that are hosted on them. In addition, they also allow you to order the downloads to prioritize those for which you are in a hurry, or choose the locations within your computer where you want them to be made.

If it happens that you have to download a file that has been divided into different compressed files, there are managers that after downloading all of them also proceed to decompress them, and also decompress the single files.

7 Best download managers

  • jDownloader : Possibly one of the most complete download managers that you can find, jDownloader is one of the most customizable that you can find. It has all the advantages that we mentioned before, and it also allows you to monitor downloads remotely and download encrypted lists of downloads. When it is executed, it only copies the link of a website and it will analyze it in search of elements to download. Download it from its official website .
  • Microsoft Download Manager : Microsoft has its own download manager independent of those already included in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. It is extremely simple, but it gives you the confidence of knowing that there is a great company behind it. In this case it is manual, and you have to click on its new download button to paste the link you want to add. Download it from its official website .
  • Free Download Manager (FDM) : Although some antivirus can interpret it as a threat, it is a complete manager that can even be integrated directly with the browser. It allows you to pause and resume downloads, control bandwidth and download entire websites or specific documents from a file. In addition, it has support for plugins that give you functionalities such as BitTorrent downloads. Download it from its official website .
  • Internet Download Accelerator : A manager that automatically categorizes downloads to manage them more comfortably, and that allows you to activate the automatic download of certain file extensions. It can search for malware by analyzing addresses, and it also has plugin system. Download it from its official website .
  • EagleGet : An efficient manager that barely occupies 7 MB, although during installation it has some adware and you have to be careful. It is capable of reading clipboard links, and includes BitTorrent downloads or videos from sites like YouTube. It allows scheduling downloads, and includes the analysis of links in search of malware. Download it from its official website .
  • GetGo Download Manager : Allows you to view download data before starting it and has multiple options when importing the links. Maximize the speed of your downloads, you can schedule, pause and resume them if something fails. Download it from its official website .
  • Turbo Download Manager : Allows you to see a sample of the video or audio file that you are going to download before starting the download, and make multiple simultaneous connections to speed them up. It has plugins and browser integration, and essential features like resuming a download in the event that it fails. Download it from its official website .

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