30 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes For Product Listing And Referal Revenue

Affiliate marketing has taken the internet by storm as growing numbers of entrepreneurs are hitting the big time selling products for producers and suppliers around the globe. Those who hit it big do so because they approach selling from multiple angles. From high quality SEO content to a superior presentation of merchandise, it takes a great theme to get all that off the ground and running. Here are 30 top affiliate marketing WordPress themes for affiliate product listing and referrals that are truly impressive.


Not all affiliate marketers actually display products. Some specialise in click-through ads and for those who are looking to approach selling from this perspective, BloMag is the WordPress theme to help you rack up the sales.

Blog marketers find that this particular theme covers the need for high quality SEO because of the blog layout templates. Add your affiliate banners and you’re ready to go live. Easy to use, this simple template gets the job done.

BloMag can be purchased for $39.


Today’s consumer is looking for engagement with the companies they buy from. Expert allows you to approach affiliate marketing from a position of authority because it is set up in a blog style template that provides the perfect vehicle for you to share what you know.

Get referrals when they sign up for your newsletter on the submission form and highlight great products that you’re promoting. Become an expert and see how quickly your bottom line expands.

Expert can be purchased for $59.


Designed on the leading e-commerce platform, WooCommerce, Grotte has features that make affiliate marketing easy to manage. With a newly added catalogue mode, visitors can browse merchandise and shop to their heart’s content.

Get referrals through the newsletter subscription bar on the footer and keep them coming back to your affiliate site to see special promotions you have currently running. Out of stock currently? Let them add that item to their Wish List that is part of this theme and you’ve covered all bases. They can buy now or come back later. A great option for the affiliate marketer.

Grotte can be purchased for $59.


Loaded with special features designed to increase sales, TheLook is a WordPress theme based on WooCommerce with added email customisations. This theme includes the Ajax search suggester along with the Ajax Add to Cart function which makes it easy for visitors to find and buy what they came looking for.

Also included in this theme is a Cloud Zoom feature that enables a viewer to get a better look at the products you are displaying. With its mobile friendly responsive design, affiliate marketers take selling to a whole new level.

The Look can be purchased for $59.


It is now known that most searches are made via mobile devices and StoRe Smart is a WordPress theme built with this in mind. Highly responsive and hi-res retina display ready, StoRe Smart was designed to be touch screen optimised.

Totally customisable with drag & drop page builder, nothing could be easier than setting up your affiliate site with StoRe Smart. Included in the package are $40 worth of premium plugins that just sweeten the deal that much more.

StoRe Smart can be purchased for $59.


So many affiliate marketers just don’t take the time to properly highlight products they are promoting. With The Luxury WordPress theme each and every product can be displayed to perfection. Included in the theme is a master slider and Parallax functions so that products can be brought to the forefront or kept visible on the page.

Totally responsive, The Luxury can be viewed well even on the smallest mobile devices and the lovely dark/light colour scheme is actually well suited to this purpose. Looking to sell product? This WooCommerce optimised layout is exactly what you need.

The Luxury can be purchased for $59.


Some affiliate marketers have a strong background in short codes. For those who don’t actually want to build an affiliate site in a visual editor, Princess has a new version out from September, 2015 that has added the visual appearance of shortcuts used in the tinymc visual tab.

WooCommerce ready, this responsive theme makes building an affiliate storefront as easy as possible. However, for those who still want to dabble with a bit of code, Princess has that option available to you as well. A great looking theme at an affordable price.

Princess can be purchased for $59.


First available back in 2011, an all-new version of Bohopeople is now being offered. Designed as a WooCommerce theme, the newest offering is completely responsive for superior mobile viewing and with four predefined layout styles you can pick and choose the template that best displays the products you are offering as an affiliate marketer.

List products in grid view with the product magnifier popup and publish great SEO descriptions. If you are looking for an affiliate marketing theme that is both elegant and functional, Bohopeople is one you should consider.

Bohopeople can be purchased for $59.


As the name implies, Captiva WordPress theme will truly captivate your audience. Based on the WooCommerce platform, the Captiva store has all the features you need to move products you offer as an affiliate marketer.

With more than 60 shortcodes and loaded with additional theme options, you can easily customise Captiva to your specifications. Options such as the Ajax search filter makes it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for and if you happen to be out of stock, no problem. The integrated wish list function will enable them to mark their wants so as to be notified when that item is available again. Captivate your audience with Captiva.

Captiva can be purchased for $59.


Bazar Shop is a WordPress theme that you should seriously consider as an affiliate marketer. You have contracted with suppliers and manufacturers to sell those products and the more you can list, the greater your chances of actually running a lucrative affiliate website.

With Bazar Shop and its amazing multi-purpose e-commerce layout, you can display literally thousands of products which significantly increases your website’s profitability. You can either run in catalogue mode with the shopping cart turned off or turn it on to sell product now. With so many options, this is the affiliate marketer’s dream come true.

Bazar Shop can be purchased for $59.


Although Look Shop was originally designed as a retail furniture display platform, its wide range of options make it the perfect WordPress theme for an affiliate marketer. Due to its advanced e-commerce plugin, it is easy to list a number of products, display them magnificently with options in colour schemes and rack up the sales along the way.

Look Shop is responsive so it can be viewed equally well on any size screen and if you are looking to build a huge inventory in an online store, simple but unique layouts enable you to do just that.

Look Shop can be purchased for $59.


Developed originally as a fashion theme, Click Boutique has applications that make it ideal for the affiliate marketer. Post great pictures of products you are promoting, take advantage of amazing Parallax banners and with a responsive layout, you can reach both mobile and stationary viewers with equal ease.

As a WooCommerce platform, this is one theme that will have you selling in no time at all. See what all the buzz is about in WooCommerce by viewing the live demo of Click Boutique. It looks like your storefront, acts like your storefront but in fact you are an affiliate with no actual layout of cash. A great theme for the professional affiliate marketer.

Click Boutique can be purchased for $59.


Affiliate marketers know that referrals are an important part of the program. You can’t sell everyone the first time they land on your site and with the Room 09 Shop enquiry form you can build an amazing list of referrals quite quickly.

Designed in such a way as to add a professional elegance to your offerings, Room 09 Shop is every affiliate’s dream. If you prefer, you can customise this theme to act as a catalogue without the shopping cart feature or you can customise for WooCommerce to sell through your shopping cart and nothing interrupts your success as an affiliate. A great theme for the serious affiliate marketer.

Room 09 Shop can be purchased for $64.


Looking to brand your affiliate site? Cheope Shop is the WordPress theme you need. Listed as a responsive and brandable e-commerce theme, this particular theme does all that and more. As an affiliate marketer you know that the key to successful selling begins with getting visitors to your page. Cheope Shop has a special SEO panel that can help you rank highly in the SERPs so as to attract greater numbers of hits.

Run in catalogue mode or in shopping mode, the choice is yours. With a ton of extras such as a popup plugin, there isn’t a product you can’t display to perfection. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about and this WordPress theme will give you the competitive edge you have been looking for.

Cheope Shop can be purchased for $64.


Today’s shoppers tend to look for products while on the go. Aloxo is a totally responsive, mobile friendly WordPress theme that is built on the WooCommerce platform. Affiliates can easily install this theme with a simple one-click process and for those who have a bit of extra IT knowledge, there are a number of advanced options available.

Flexible and easy to install, Aloxo is a great offering for affiliate marketers looking to quickly build an online store. View your work as you progress in Visual Composer and you’ll see just how stunning your site will be when it goes live. For simplicity of setup, Aloxo is a theme to consider.

Aloxo can be purchased for $59.


Although WooCommerce is the leading platform of its type, there are still affiliate marketers who prefer other platforms they have been using in the past. Marketa is the perfect WordPress theme for affiliates who choose to use the Dokan Multivendor platform, the Socio Multivendor platform or of course, they can always go with WooCommerce because that capability is included as well.

Included are the Revolution Slider for superior page presentations and a visual composer so that you can see your work as it progresses. Marketica is also child theme ready.

Marketica can be purchased for $59.


Building referrals and selling products can pose a bit of a challenge for affiliate marketers who haven’t paid attention to the type of them they use on their site. The Clean Sale WordPress theme for e-commerce answers both those needs. Not only does it allow for excellent presentation of merchandise but there are multiple post types so you can attract visitors with high quality content.

This theme is responsive for optimised mobile viewing and has a clean clear-cut appeal that will never distract from the products being viewed. A great theme for affiliate marketing.

Clean Sale can be purchased for $59.


One thing that is vital to a great WordPress theme is an admin panel that offers all the features you need to keep your affiliate site a cut above the rest. Online Sale offers that powerful admin panel so that you can build amazing pages and post them easily.

With an included page builder and four predefined colour combos, it is possible to display affiliate offerings to their advantage, post high quality SEO content and attract visitors who are looking for what you have on site. Online Sale is a well-rounded e-commerce theme that is both easy to use and attractive to view.

Online Sale can be purchased for $59.


WooCommerce is the ultimate platform for affiliate marketing and Pasar was designed with this in mind. For those looking to establish an authoritative presence in the online marketplace, Pasar has all the features you need to make that happen.

Build in Visual Composer to see just how each post will look when live and list products with the amazingly attractive templates for your sales pages. Don’t miss another sale due to poorly displayed merchandise. Pasar has the visual advantage you need.

Pasar can be purchased for $59.


Built on Bootstrap framework, Shoppest is a WordPress theme that functions well on both the front and back end. When looking to set up an affiliate marketing site, this is the type of theme you need. Based on WooCommerce 2.0+ and with an amazing products shortcode capability, you will soon have an amazingly great looking yet highly functional site.

Here is yet another theme that is child theme ready and also ready for translation in the event of a global presence. Looking for a wider audience? Shoppest provides a well-rounded appeal.

Shoppest can be purchased for $59.


There are WooCommerce WordPress themes and then there’s Bellissima. Not only is this one of the themes best suited to affiliate marketing, it is one of the themes most loaded with those awesome extras. With the ability to choose between a right and left sidebar, a grid or list view and five colour skins that are entirely different, there is no end to the customisations you can perform.

This mobile friendly responsive design is viewed equally well on mobile devices and as it includes a Flickr Gallery, how can you lose? Showcase those products to their maximum potential and your affiliate site will literally explode! Truly amazing.

Bellissima can be purchased for $59.


When marketing to a targeted audience, SEO is of vital importance. This is something that many affiliate marketers don’t quite manage well but with 3Clicks you have the option of adding superior content to your pages whilst making them all appear different from the one before.

Yes, 3Clicks is built on the WooCommerce platform but it is important to position yourself as a site of authority if you want to get those clicks through for the search giants. As a 100% responsive theme, you can be assured that the unlimited choices in colours alongside the 9 amazingly different skins will be just as gorgeous on a mobile phone as on a desktop.

3Clicks can be purchased for $59.


Not all affiliate sites are set up like marketplaces. Some have truly informative and useful content which is what today’s consumer is often looking for. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it pays to establish yourself as an authoritative presence on the Web. This SEO optimised WordPress theme, myEmpire, is ideally suited for this purpose.

There are unlimited options for layouts and with 20 different skins you can customise each category with a totally different look. For the traditional affiliate marketer linking through to merchants, this blog style theme is absolutely perfect.

myEmpire can be purchased for $59.


Some affiliate marketers opt for a minimalist WordPress theme because they are most easily viewed with fewer distractions. T-Shop is a totally responsive e-commerce theme that offers the very best of what a minimalist theme is all about.

Compatible with the WooCommerce platform, T-Shop allows for shoppers to quickly find what they are looking for, add items to their shopping carts and then go on about their business. For simplicity in style and function, T-Shop is the affiliate’s dream.

T-Shop can be purchased for $59.


When creating a website to highlight products in your affiliate marketplace, you need a flexible WordPress theme like Anya. With a powerful admin panel, a visual composer and a totally responsive mobile-friendly design, you have all the features you need to make your site a success.

Anya integrates perfectly with WooCommerce and has a great number of style templates to choose from to make your site truly your own. Translation ready, Anya can be viewed globally which is what you want when looking to expand your reach.

Anya can be purchased for $59.


NastCreative offers the best in responsive design for the mobile user with three totally unique homepage layouts, all equally as mobile-friendly. When creating a site for affiliate marketing, this is something you need to seriously consider because the majority of your visitors will come from mobile searches.

Easily customised with Page Builder, NastCreative offers Megamenu support, Slider Revolution, Visual Composer and the ability to install with a single click. For new site developers, NastCreative has the features you need.

NastCreative can be purchased for $59.


Building an affiliate site is not always as easy as you’d like. The key to a successful launch of an affiliate marketing website is to find a WordPress theme that is easy to use but with the features you need to sell product. Accessories is just that type of theme.

Built to be compatible with WooCommerce and easily built in Visual Composer, even the newest affiliate marketers can have a site up and running in a single day. For ease of use and versatility, Accessories is the ideal mobile-friendly theme to work with.

Accessories can be purchased for $59.


Just having a mobile friendly theme isn’t always enough if it doesn’t come with features mobile users expect! RiverS is not only fully responsive but it is mobile touch optimised so that today’s smartphone users can quickly and easily navigate your affiliate marketing site.

Want a totally unique look? RiverS offers unlimited colour options with a full background slider or the option to stay static. For those looking for a fantastic WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce for affiliate marketing, RiverS is one theme you should take the time to consider.

RiverS can be purchased for $49.


Feature rich, SinoShop is perfect for literally any type of e-commerce imaginable. Built as a WooCommerce WordPress theme, SinoShop offers a simple, yet lovely way to view product offerings. Affiliate marketers can highlight products from a huge number of suppliers and without sending the visitor off to another site can make a sale. Why? WooCommerce technology!

Compatible with WordPress 3.5 and up, WooCommerce 2.1 and up, SinoShop is a user friendly WordPress theme that is responsive for the mobile viewer yet powerful enough to attract desktop visitors as well.

SinoShop can be purchased for $59. This theme is no longer available for purchase.


True to its name, Ultimate really is the ultimate in responsive WordPress themes developed with e-commerce in mind. Yes, it is a multipurpose theme but for the affiliate marketer looking to build a huge following, Ultimate has all the features needed and so much more.

The multipurpose layout enables affiliates to display and promote products whilst also offering the capability to post informative content as well. With 10 awesome colour skins and the choice of full or boxed layouts, Ultimate is a theme that can take affiliates to a whole new level.

Ultimate can be purchased for $59.

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