Best 5 Human Capital Management Software And Their Benefits



Human capital management is considered to be one of the most essential aspects of any business organization. There are various types of activities that require proper management and control by the human resource department. Adoption of dedicated Human capital management software, therefore, becomes essential.

A human capital software or HCM software delivers necessary capabilities to a human resource department of an organization for managing their employees with great efficiency. Various functions and features that particular software can help in delivering are listed below:

  1. Complete life cycle management of human resources from hiring to on-boarding.
  2. Simplifying the activities concerned with handling various operations relating to a human resource like hiring.
  3. Managing payroll and controlling human resource costs and expenses.
  4. Getting access to information related to human resources and employees from a single source.
  5. Obtaining analytics capabilities for better handling and management of human capital.

Human capital management serves as a specialized tool that can help in reducing the hassle of an organization in managing their employees with great effectiveness. There are various types of software and tools available that organizations can adopt as a human capital management solution. Some of these are listed below along with their benefits:

1. Oracle Fusion

All the operations concerned with human capital management like payroll management, Performance measurement, and analytics can be performed with efficiency through Oracle Fusion. The human resource department gets access to analytics that can help in better controlling the human resource capital.


  • Flexibility – Oracle fusion can be installed across a variety of devices and systems like on-premises and cloud et cetera. This makes it versatile software that allows access to necessary information from various areas.
  • Data analytics – The software makes available data analytics for better understanding and decision-making related to human resources.

2. Saba Cloud

As evident from the name, Saba Cloud HCM software serves as cloud-based software that makes its installation and adoption hassle-free. Various tasks can be performed with ease. Also, the cloud-based system can be installed as separate modules for compensation management or e-learning, etc.


  • Customizable -The HCM software is highly customizable which can help organizations to use it for their required operations.
  • Cloud-based interface – The software can be installed as a cloud-based interface for getting access to necessary information from anywhere.

3. peopleHum

peopleHum is a global Codie Award-winning end-to-end HR Software, for small and medium sized businesses that manage recruitment, employee engagement, performance, attendance, leave and more.

peopleHum’s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Their affordable pricing, easy to adopt technology and AI/ML, NLP & Analytics is what makes them stand out among competition.


Customisable platform: No more ‘One Size Fits All,’ customise our human capital management system according to your organisation’s growing needs.

AI and Analytics: Uncover hidden workforce trends and make data-driven decisions with powerful, AI-driven HR analytics & insights.

Employee self-service: Let your employees get what they need, when they need it! Think of the time you’ll save when employees can log into HR software from peopleHum for company documents, time off balances, benefits data, training information, and their own personal data.

3. NetSuite

Being an Enterprise resource planning software, NetSuite offers a dedicated HCM module for taking control over various activities like compensation management, payroll management, and self-service solutions. A dedicated employee center is also made available where they get access to various self-service solutions like tracking their expense of payroll and clocked time etc.


NetSuite Considered being one of the best HCM software that is easy to understand and adopt by an organization as well as its employees.

  1. Access to self-service modules – Employees gets access to a self-service center for keeping a tab over their activities and payroll.
  2. TimeAttend:

TimeAttend like any other type of HCM software allows hassle-free control over various activities concerned with the human resource with an organization. Managers get access to necessary information through a cloud-based interface. They can easily manage payroll and keep surveillance over employee activities like their attendance etc.


  • Versatility – The HCM software is versatile that can be easily installed on mobile devices.
  • Access to information and control overall –

TimeAttend allows control over all the dedicated activities of their employees like managing their payroll as well as their time schedules.

5. Gusto

Suitable for small business organizations, Gusto serves as HCM software that can manage dedicated core activities related to human resource management. These include payroll management, Tracking time, on-boarding, and various other activities. The software serves as a central location from where necessary information can be accessed with ease.


  • Hassle free and convenient management over core HR activities –

The entire core activities are concerned with International human resource management can be easily controlled from single software.

  • Easy email reminders –

The software even provides email reminders to the managers so that the necessary impressions are controlled and completed on time.

Apart from the above-mentioned HCM solutions, Whatfix delivers the best solutions for managing human resources and their various activities like training and on boarding.

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