Best 30 Days Rolling Contract SIM Only

Want a great deal on your phone, but don’t want to sign up for a lengthy contract? Or, has poor credit caused you to be refused a great deal, and you really don’t want to Pay as You Go? The great news is, 30 day rolling contract SIM only’s are here to save the day! Here are some of our best picks from various different UK based mobile network operators.


You don’t even have to be a Virgin Media customer to grab one of these amazing 30 day SIM only contract deals. Virgin Mobile offer a range of deals priced from just £8 per month to £23 per month so there’s definitely something to suit all budgets. Just £15 per month gets you a great all-round deal – unlimited minutes and texts along with 4GB of mobile data – you really can’t go wrong!

Are you worried that 4GB wont’ be enough? Don’t worry as you can still get a great deal at a bargain price – pay £23 per month to get unlimited minutes and texts and a whopping 8GB of mobile data. The best bit is that they’re only 30 day contracts, so you’re not tied in and if you want to change to a different deal you can do whenever you like.


Vodafone are one of the leading networks in the mobile communications market, and they’re not only popular in the UK but in other countries across the world as well. If you opt to go with Vodafone you’ll definitely be in safe hands as they’ve got years of experience in making sure that their customers get what they need.

Pay just £16 per month to Vodafone for a 30 day SIM only contract that offers you 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of 4G mobile data – provided your handset is 4G enabled. Want more data than just 1GB? No problem – £24 a month gets you an amazing unlimited minutes and texts with a generous helping of 4GB 4G mobile data.


If you have poor credit, a history of being refused phone contracts, or simply don’t want to be credit checked then GiffGaff is definitely a great option. Running off the O2 network, GiffGaff provides great coverage and excellent 4G speeds. You’ll even get free calls to other GiffGaff users, so if you’ve got friends or family looking for a great deal you might want to recommend them.

Just £12 per month will get you a great all-round deal of 500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GB of 4G mobile data. If you use your phone a lot, you can pay just £20 per month to get completely unlimited calls, texts and data – bargain! The great thing about GiffGaff is that you can change your deal whenever you like – so if you opt for a cheaper deal and find it’s not enough for you, simply upgrade to a deal with more.


Three have been voted the UK’s most reliable network by their customers, and they’ve got great coverage – simply use their coverage checker to see if you’ll be covered in your area if you’re unsure. They also have a range of brilliant 30 day SIM only deals, and you’ll be glad to know that you can also use your phone abroad at no extra cost if you’re on Three – say goodbye to expensive roaming charges! 0800 and 0500 numbers are also included – so no more racking up a huge bill on hold to your bank.

Just £14 per month gets you 600 minutes, all-you-can-eat texts and 1GB of 4G mobile data. If you’re more of a browser than a caller, pay just £20 per month for 200 minutes and all-you-can-eat texts and data – meaning that you can browse the web on your phone to your hearts content.


Looking for a great deal with a network that rewards its customers? O2 customers get exclusive access to O2 Priority, meaning that you’ll get discounts on high street brands, tickets, experiences and more plus exclusive early access to your favourite Channel 4 shows simply as a thank you for being with O2.

They also have some amazing deals – pay just £19.54 per month for unlimited minutes and texts and 2GB of 4G mobile data, or if you want more data, you’ll get unlimited minutes and texts with a generous 5GB of 4G mobile data for just £23.80 per month – we think this is a great bargain! All of O2’s deals come with superfast 4G data as standard, but don’t worry if your phone isn’t 4G enabled – their 3G speeds are pretty great as well.

So, if you can’t get a regular mobile contract or want a great deal without the commitment there’s no need to despair! These are just a few of the best 30 day SIM only deals on offer – good luck finding one that’s perfect for you!

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