Animal Crossing New Horizons FENG SHUI Guide – How To Earn HHA Point?

In this guide, we are taking a look at the Feng Shui of Animal Crossing New Horizons, going over what it is and how to earn the Fung Shui bonus.

We sure know a huge aspect of Animal Crossing is decorating our homes and putting our interior design skills to the test, this has been a concept since the original. Back in the Gamecube days, our homes were judged by the happy room Academy who gave us a score based on our decorating. It was pretty simple back then every item in the game had a value when placed in our homes and the HRA would reward us for our total score. The higher the score we’ve got the more the happy room Academy rewarded us. The concept evolved with every iteration of Animal Crossing and is now known as the happy home academy or HHA which was popularized in New Leaf.

Now although the happy home academy has returned to Animal Crossing New Horizons and continues to judge our decorating and interior design skills, the system for calculating our score is more complex than it ever has been. In fact, there’s probably too much to cover in a single video, but in short, we earn points for everything such as placing basic living furniture in our rooms such as beds and chairs, but other examples include earning additional points for having matched in themed furniture like a set of ironwood items and stuff like that. Now there are several other ways to increase our happy home academy score, some include using seasonal items in our homes such as bamboo items right now or placing lucky items, and even matching Animal Crossing furniture by color. All these methods of scoring will earn us bonuses increasing our h8 a score and earn us a bunch of cool happy home academy plaques and trophies. Achieving the highest gold ehh-ehh trophy is probably one of the ultimate goals in New Horizons.

What Is Feng Shui?

One of the most overlooked methods of increasing RHH scores in most Animal Crossing games is Fung Shui. Fung Shui is a real-world ancient principle where furniture or clothing items are placed in particular cardinal directions in an attempt to boost the flow of positive energy and raise a room’s harmony. The art of Feng Shui is said to bring good health and fortune to those who practice it in their homes and it’s much the same in Animal Crossing. When used correctly in past games, Fung Shui can be tailored to increase the amount of Animal Crossing New Horizons bells around town, other times it’s used to increase the number of furniture items a player can find each day, as well as used to boost the general luck of the player. This could mean villages would give you rarer items or buy things from you for more than they usually would have, it’s really fascinating. Now until the Animal Crossing New Horizons companion guidebook was released a couple of days ago, we weren’t too sure whether or not feng shui was a thing in new horizons but we now know it is.

How To Get Feng Shui Bonus In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Anyway, it turns out Fung Shui is very much present in New Horizons and plays a significant role in boosting our happy home academies score, and this is known as a Fengshui bonus. To earn this bonus and boost our scores is as easy as placing objects in a specific location, imagine this is our main 8×8 tiled upgraded room or 16 by 16 1/2 tiles, the Feng Shui New Horizons has three cardinal directions (east, south and west) where corresponding items can be placed within two tiles of the wall.

For example, Red items can be placed within two tiles along the east wall of the room, green items can be placed within two tiles along the south wall of the room, and finally, yellow items can be placed within two tiles along the west wall of the room. If items that match these colors are placed within these zones, we get a FENGSHUI bonus added to a happy home Academy score.

Each valid item earns a bonus of 500 points which is really handy with a maximum possible bonus of 1500 points, which means we only need three items positioned correctly to earn the maximum bonus. The reason this is such an easy way to boost our score is that this can be applied to every room, so if you have four rooms you can earn a functor a bonus of 6,000 points. It’s worth noting that the southeast corner and the southwest corners of the room overlap, so here we can have either color placed in those areas without affecting the bonus. We believe for the first time in any Animal Crossing game furniture items place on the walls also can towards the bonus, so if you don’t want to rearrange your furniture you can simply hang something on the wall in the correct cardinal direction instead: red to the east, green to the sighs and yellow to the west.

There’s no real downside to Fung Shui, however, it can be a little difficult to know what colors the furniture or clothing items are. The majority of the time is a safe guess that whatever the primary color of the object is is the corresponding color. For example, a blue lava lamp is blue but doesn’t fall into a function area. Furthermore, some items aren’t even the colors you’d think they would be such as the cardboard box or the wooden chests which are classed as yellow items. This is where the companion guide would come in handy as it does have all the corresponding colors listed with every item but generally you should be okay if you go by the main color of the object. Now a couple of side notes to include there’s no real limit on how many items we can place for our Fung Shui. We can have ten items in the corresponding locations if we want to, but only three would ever count towards our scores.

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