Advantages And Disadvantages Of Link Building




With the developing world, doing business has also evolved lately. Doing online business has become one of the primary aspects of many businessmen. We often came across the term Link building, especially in the field of SEO. It is the process of getting external links to your website. People try to build their link building strategy in different ways. The one way includes creating a compelling guest posting from Active Seo Shield to get a link from them. Another aspect includes quality bloggers and reviewers reviewing your website and mentioning your website or page.

Let’s get to the benefits and limitations provided by Link building.

Advantages Of Link Building

The benefits of Link building strategy are:

Generates Traffic

When there is traffic growth, there will be more sales. When you acquire the links from the guest posting service, you get more visibility to your webpage. It brings more traffic to your page, thereby providing success in your businesses.

Promotes Brand Awareness

Through the Guest posting, you will be able to acquire links from external links for your website. These links promote brand awareness in the market. It boosts the visibility of your website. It will increase the popularity and the visitors to your page.

Indexed By Google Effortlessly

When Google bot browses the web pages they previously crawled, then find out the links on those pages and then to the list of pages crawled. This process increases the chances of you being recognized and indexed quickly by Google.

Disadvantages Of Link Building

With every advantage, there come some disadvantages too. Thus, here are the disadvantages of link building that includes:

Time Consuming

Increasing your page range can be relatively difficult as getting one or two links through link building does not do much with your website. Moreover, for people running everything single-handedly, guest posting service and link building might be time-consuming. They probably require a dedicated webmaster for the activity.

Chances Of Penalty

Many people misuse link building and thus, gives birth to the term black hat. It includes link farms, doorway pages, cloaking, hidden content, and so on. However, Google figures the malpractice out. They restrict the website and you from working in Google too.

Punishable if Overdone

Earlier, link-building practices were only used by companies with their product and services. It was not liked by Google and today, you will be called a spammer if it is done erratically and severe action will be taken against you.


You can proceed with link building since there are enough benefits to let you gain visibility on your website. However, make sure that along with quality content and time, you have a good reputation, ranking, and traffic to your website. Adopt it as your long-term investment and develop high-quality content as much as you can. If you use link building wisely and patiently, you will notice that it is one of the most efficient techniques of promoting your business in the contemporary business world.

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