“I’ve been a web analytics industry founder and CMO at more than one major web analytics vendor. I’ve known Andrew and his company for over ten years. Technology Leaders today is at the top of its field–in experience, integrity and quality of work.”
Rand Schulman, TL Board Chairman; Partner, Schulman  Thorogood


Multinational Consumer Product Company

Technology Leaders has worked with the Customer for several years. Key Customer drivers are brand awareness, social media visibility, and interactive engagement with a robust, entertaining on-line product environment.

Working with interdisciplinary global marketing teams inside the brand and with other brand partners, TL has created extensive custom metrics using industry-leading analytics tools. Brand initiatives including Flash widgets, videos, Facebook entries, blogs, mobile applications and loyalty programs are all tracked by leveraging TL’s extensive expertise in several key analytics disciplines. These include business requirement definition, report specification, advanced JavaScript tagging, extensive QA and careful deployment. TL also participates in analysis sessions where key drivers are evaluated and action items determined.

International On-line Trade Publisher

This publishing Customer has been in the market for over seventy-five years. With the advent of web content delivery, much of its directory publishing has moved on-line. Technology Leaders has developed extensive custom coding that measures critical usage metrics that allow the publisher to better understand myriad threads of catalog-viewer traffic. More importantly, TL provides the analytics expertise that allows the publisher to provide extensive, timely and accurate data to its many directory advertisers. Working on a retainer basis, TL meets regularly with customer staff to determine next reporting steps, evaluate emerging technologies and deploy measurement tactics new content launches.

Technology Leaders also provides extensive, foundational support and advanced management for the publisher’s warehouse and database efforts in order to provide in-depth, ad-hoc, segmented reporting. This added functionality goes beyond typical analytics capabilities and enables deep insight on specific user traffic.

Multi-Brand Real Estate Broker

Encompassing several of the best-known names in real estate today, this Customer requires careful measurement of not only internal site traffic but extensive, targeted measurement of external broker sites and partner sites.

Technology Leaders enables multi-level reporting through continuous interaction with Customer’s business owners plus their various agency and content providers. We’ve been instrumental in providing an accurate, objective, accurate way to measure their advertisers’ campaign success by comparing actual ROI against unaudited numbers coming from the Customer’s campaign partners.

Recently, on short notice, Technology Leaders helped prepare accurate, year-over-year, targeted metrics to Customers’ C-level executives as they determined effectiveness of certain robust brokerage marketing initiatives. TL overcame several environmental challenges, knitting together various data sets in order to deliver cohesive, contiguous metrics in an easily-understood presentation.

International Travel and Ticketing

When Technology Leaders started working with this travel industry Customer, they knew they needed to better understand where their on-line activity resided in the travel decision making process. After a series of analytics tests, the Customer realized its content was targeted too far back in the decision-chain.

Using data gathered from Technology Leaders’ measurement architecture, Customer was able to reposition itself as a more end-to-end travel site, supplying travel options that included all aspects of overseas travel: air, rail, hotel, tour packages, rental cars and more. As a result, Customer has seen a significant increase in its traffic and a noticeable increase in on-line ROI.

Technology Leaders works with this Customer using a variety of measurement tools and is involved regularly in tool and vendor-selection discussions.

International Pharmaceutical/Specialty Division/ IT Architecture

Technology Leaders has worked with this Pharma Customer since 2006 and has been involved in numerous projects. We’ve worked on their Data Warehouse, helped get it certified by their software vendor; we’ve upgraded their global web analytics infrastructure; we’ve overhauled the entire reporting structure for a vision-oriented site in order to help the Customer gain more in-depth user interactions including segmentations like gender and age-range.

Global Non-Profit/Medical Awareness

Working with Google Analytics, Technology Leaders created a sophisticated environment that rivals what is usually expected of paid analytics tools, including multiple custom reports that answered specific business questions unavailable through the typical Google interface; A/B testing of content and close interaction with external partner developers helped make this project a success. Customer continues to work with TL on a retainer basis.

North American Division: Multinational Automotive Industry Supplier

One of the most recognizable automotive industry suppliers required advanced reporting and tagging for a major site overhaul. They had been using tool-vendor resources but felt they needed a fresh look at all the possibilities, including the “outside-the- box” insights that analytics might offer.

Technology Leaders developed custom metrics for this initiative and has remained involved on a retainer basis to assure cross-disciplinary efficiency in the on-line tracking effort, including extensive custom parameter tagging and iterative interaction with Customer’s global team of digital agencies.

Consulting for Consulting Company

One of the top companies in broad-based business and IT consulting, this Customer has been working with Technology Leaders for several years. In collaboration with key Company managers, TL has been instrumental in developing a culture of analytics inside the company.

Besides our development of strategy and tagging for continuing initiatives, we also report on user performance for numerous specialized projects including certain global inter-company awareness campaigns sponsored by C-level committees.

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