8 Reasons why you should use e-invoicing



Entrepreneurs don’t want to provide paper invoices to the clients. Due to numerous advantages, electronic documents are becoming more and more popular and you can create easily using invoice maker app. Not only do they save a lot of time and money, but they also make archiving more convenient. We present the advantages of online invoicing.

Electronic invoices – Is it worth it?

The Internet is a tool most of us cannot imagine our everyday life without. It is not surprising – thanks to it, we can improve many processes in the company. One of the most useful options is electronic invoicing. This solution has the following advantages:

1. Immediate receipt

You only need internet access to submit an electronic invoice. The document is delivered to the customer shortly after the entrepreneur sends the invoice from his computer. Therefore, there is no need to use the mail or go directly to the person to whom the company provides services.

2. Lower risk of invoice failure

Because the e-invoice is not sent by post, there is a much lower risk than the document will not be delivered to the address. Thanks to this, the customer cannot delay the payment deadline by claiming that he did not receive the invoice due to incorrect operation of the mail.

3. The shortened time of receiving payment

The lack of delays related to the work of the mail or the need to deliver a paper invoice to the customer (or collect the document) means that the entrepreneur can receive money faster to sell goods or performance of services.

4. Time savings

Issuing e-invoices is very time-saving. The entrepreneur does not have to travel to the customer or the post office. All activities related to the preparation and sending of documents can be performed in one place.

paper invoices

paper invoices

5. No costs like paper invoices

By issuing invoices online, the entrepreneur can save a lot of money. Not only does he not have to bear the cost of shipping or fuel (if, for example, he travels to the customer), but he also can omit the expenses related to printing documents and preparing them for shipping. Paper, printer ink, envelopes, and stamps generate considerable costs if we consider how many paper invoices are sent on average by a company per year.

6. Positive environmental impact

Replacing paper documents with electronic ones has a positive impact on the environment. Thanks to it, the amount of water and energy needed to produce the paper.

7. Facilitate document storage

The entrepreneur must keep invoices for 5 years. The number of paper documents that you accumulate over this time takes up a lot of space. A much better solution is to archive electronic invoices on your computer.

8. Find the invoices you want faster.

Sometimes there is a need to find an invoice. Browsing through a pile of papers can take time and effort even when they are in order. Documents in electronic form allow you to find the necessary letter faster.

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