8 Must-Have Kitchen Storage Containers for Cook-Ahead Meals and Ingredients



Who wants their food to produce molds due to bacteria and improper storage? I guess that no one does! Department stores and groceries present storages sold in sets from a large plastic container to small tea size boxes with matching lids. Although it is practical to buy these, be very distinctive on how the product can affect your food.

When you have the right kitchen storage containers, you won’t have to throw food. On the contrary, you can prepare a week’s worth of meals with the right containers. Make-ahead meals are time-saving. You can do all your cooking in a day and reheat when you are ready to eat. Storing also enhances flavors with time, or with the right kitchen storage containers, you can keep the flavor the way you want it. Always make sure that the container is BPA-free and if it is safe to store your food for at least a week.

  • Food Storage Containers with Scale

Recipes sometimes require a specific amount of different ingredients. And when storing, you want to pour it down the container without transferring from the measuring cup. Food storage containers with scales are the solution. Yes, transferring container to container is messy and you would have to be cleaning the measuring tools after. And while using the ingredients, you know how much is left or used.

  • Reusable Food Storage Bags

Stylishly, you can store your food with reusable food storage bags. A silicone made that is 100% safe and non-toxic. The container is reusable and safe because this is different from the traditional bags. Reusing this product for food storage is helping the environment in becoming plastic-free in waste. This is truly a new era of storage container worth watching out for.

  • Glass Food Storage Containers

Borosilicate glass, which is used to make glass food storage containers, are great for storing heated food. This is one for the people who cook their food to take to school or to work. The container can withstand the heat without cracking when the food is steaming hot. Borosilicate makes the container durable and reliable for having food hot and ready to consume.

  • Food Containers with Different Shapes

Food comes in different shapes and sizes. Also, the amount of food you store depends on the size of your container. It is always fun to have different container sizes and shape. Just to have them in your cupboard in case you need them. Most common shapes are boxes of square and rectangles, others prefer cylinders, either tall or stout. Anything to carry an amount of food will do.

  • Covers and Airtight Lids

The best way to store your food is through covers and lids. airtight lids are in the now when choosing kitchen containers. To test if the container is truly airtight, use a spoonful of moisture-detecting crystals inside the container. Submerge this in water for 2 minutes. The crystals will tell you when it changes colors that moisture has entered the container.

  • Glass Canister with Screw-On Lids

Are you always cooking too much food? Or do you want to cook ahead of time because the week is going to be busier than before? Do you always open big snacks thinking you can finish them in one sitting but end up clipping it back again? Glass Canisters with lids are good for you. You can store your leftovers in this elegant glass made container. Make-ahead meals will hardly spoil when contained in it.

  • Container Lid Organizers

Buying containers in sets is practical on most days. The more you have, the more food and ingredients you can store. But when the containers are unused and need to be kept for future use, the lids always find a way to travel all over the kitchen. Lid organizers are a handy and helpful tool for keeping track of the lids. You always know where to find it when you need it. Less frustrating and never time-consuming.

  • Clear Pantry Organizer Bins

Coming home front the grocery with your stocks of snack and dry ingredients, you like to just leave them inside the drawers. This will eventually look messy when you start pulling on an item from the other. A clear pantry organizer bin can help you with that. You can stack your food vertically, this way you can pull the items without disarranging the whole pantry. And with the clear and see-through material, you can have one look at the package and you’ll know exactly what to grab.

Kitchen Food for Thought

You will always need more than one container in your kitchen. It is a necessity in completing your kitchen. It isn’t necessary to collect all kinds of containers. Just have one that is reliable in storing your food safely and properly. The goal here is to keep your food clean in storage without contamination and still enjoy it as fresh as it was first cooked.

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