8 Features to Consider in Buying Your First Luxury Watch



According to an article by Marketplace, the watch industry continues to grow even during the pandemic. Because people are forced to stay home, social media has influenced watch collectors and first-time buyers to shop online for luxury and vintage watches.

This development is not surprising since these high-end watches are known as wise investments. Some brands are even marketed as “heirloom watches.” Top choices include Swiss watches Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Glashutte Original Senator watches, which are also gaining a share of the market.

If you are planning to buy your first luxury watch, here are some of its interesting features.

Power Reserve

Watches are powered by coiled springs that unwind gradually. Then, the wristwatch needs to be rewound to release power. In most timepieces, the amount of reserve power is not shown. The owner simply notices a slowdown in time and winds the watch. However, with some luxury watches, a power reserve indicator is found on the dial to show the remaining power. It usually shows as an arc or a straight line.  

Some manufacturers boast about this feature to prove that their watches have long power reserves. The Vacheron Constantin, for instance, has the longest most extended record power reserve of 65 days.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is based on the number of meters, atmospheres, or bars. Although most people would think that this number indicates underwater depth, here is what it means:

  • 3 Bar (same as 30 meters or 3 atmospheres) means that the watch is only resistant to water splashes.
  • 5 Bar (same as 50 meters or 5 atmospheres) means that you can go swimming while wearing the watch.
  • 10 Bar (same as 100 meters or 10 atmospheres) means snorkeling will not damage the watch.
  • 20 Bar (same as 200 meters or 20 atmospheres) means wearing the watch while scuba diving is acceptable.
  • 30 Bar (same as 300 meters or 30 atmospheres) means the watch is ideal for diving excursions.

If you are into water sports, this information is useful.

Moon Phase

Some watches are specially designed to show the “moon phase,” the moon’s lighted portion as seen in the sky. Why is this necessary for some people? One reason is that particular Hindu and Muslim festivals depend on the moon’s position, which varies yearly.

Others believe that the moon controls health-related cycles like fertility, sleep, and mental health. Therefore, monitoring the moon’s phases prepares them for changes.

The Diameter (Case Size)

Since you can buy them online, choose the right-sized watch based on your wrist size.

For a wrist size less than six inches, a watch with a 34 to 36mm diameter is recommended. Those with a 6-7 inch wrist size, get a wristwatch with 38 to 42mm diameter. The largest watches, 44 to 46mm, is suitable for large wrists of above 7.5 inches.

Watch Movement

Most luxury watches are mechanical watches, which means that you need to wind the watch regularly. A “power reserve” display is helpful for this kind of wristwatch.

With the automatic movement, however, the watch continues ticking as long as you wear it. Your wrist movements will automatically wind the watch. Therefore, no need to monitor whether it needs winding.

Index Styles

As long as it helps you read the time, the index is your personal preference. You can choose from among the following:

  • Roman numerals

Although the Latin alphabet is no longer used, some watches still use Roman numerals. They may show as one to twelve or only at the three, six, nine, and twelve positions.

  • Arabic numerals

This hour marker is the easiest to read. In some watches, each hour is marked one to twelve. In other designs, only the three, six, nine, and twelve positions are shown. However, for watches with a date window or chronograph, there might be space for only the twelve-o’clock marker.

  • Arrow marker

This hour marker appears as a triangular arrow in the twelve-o’clock position.

  • Baton 

These are thick and rectangular hour markers, which make them very legible. This kind is designed to be luminous in the dark.

  • Dagger

Usually found on vintage watches, the multi-faceted daggers are shaped like arrows.

  • Diamond

Some elegant ladies’ watches have diamond stones to add femininity.

Panorama date

These watches have a larger display of the date. Some people would prefer this kind to glance at today’s date quickly. 


Intricately designed watches usually have a Chronograph or stopwatch. This feature is handy for airline pilots, astronauts, horse racing enthusiasts, hospital personnel, athletes, and chefs. As long as there is a need to record elapsed time between events, a chronograph is essential.

These are just eight of the most useful features of luxury watches. Use these as your guide in choosing your first high-end watch.   

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