7 Best Worldwide Most Playing Games

Console and Smartphone games for children occupy a large part of the attention of our little ones. However, excessive use and reliance on electronic devices is something that most parents struggle with today. We know children loves new technologies in 2021 but real games is also important.

There are alternatives to becoming prohibitive parents. We recommend that you teach your children some of the children’s games you used to play yourself. In this way, they can even improve their physical and social skills in surprising ways.

We leave you a list of the best games for children that you will surely recognize:


In American movies, this game always appears as a punishment imposed by the gym teacher. However, it is a game that offers the right amount of adrenaline and physical contact for children over eight years old. It is about eliminating the members of the opposing team by touching them when throwing the ball.

If you play with rules, precautions and with team spirit, fun is guaranteed. In this way,  the little ones will lose the classic fear of hitting the ball.

Statue or the “R”

It is one of the most popular games for children before smartphones made their appearance. It all starts with a boy who must chase the rest of the group; when he manages to touch one or more companions, they must remain static.

Generally, the first one who is touched ends up later becoming the one who chases the others in a new round. The social friction that this entertaining game allows is high and allows the most introverted children to make new friends outdoors.

The little plane

The children of the 70s and 80s vibrated with this passionate form of fun. For this game, you need chalk or stone that allows you to “scratch” the floor. The plane must be drawn with the numbered boxes into which the little ones will jump.

First, they will throw a stone to know up to which square they will have to jump. Children should jump with one foot or two as established, yes, without stepping on the stripes or falling. Children will strengthen their legs, jump, and unconsciously work their balance—an entertaining and enjoyable physical activity.

The blocks

Most know them as “Legos”, due to the products of the most famous brand of blocks. However, there is an infinity of brands that market this type of toys that encourage creativity and productive capacity in children.

They are toys that will allow our children to go beyond simple children’s drawings to build their ideas on a small scale. Among its variations and playing freely with them, there may be instructions on what to do.


Board games encourage healthy competition among children and family play. But maybe Scrabble is the only one with the ability to cultivate vocabulary and word knowledge while the little ones have fun.

This board game is ideal for children to learn by playing without even being aware that they are doing it. Both number thinking and language are trained during a good game of Scrabble. Whoever creates the most creative words wins the game.


This is another of the most fun and well-known board games worldwide. Monopoly consists of going up economically, buying properties and collecting taxes from those who pass through the boxes in which the money is invested.

Even though the matter is more complicated in real life, through Monopoly, children learn to distribute and manage “their money”. And all this with the clear intention of obtaining monetary gains. With proper guidance, valuable learning can be gained for little ones.

Hide and seek: the great classic of children’s games

No toys, utensils, or spending money on entertainment are needed when one of the oldest children’s games is launched. There are no limits of age or understanding; even the smallest of the house know how to play.

Through this activity, the boys run and develop their survival instinct. Also, they will learn numbers quickly when they have to count to find the rest of their classmates. After all, what kid doesn’t like this adventure?

As you can see, there are multiple ways to spend unforgettable and fun times with family, friends, at home and outdoors. It is adults’ responsibility to motivate children to maintain these traditions, which will also surely contribute to healthy growth.

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