7 Best Tips To Torrent Safely In 2022

Best Tips To Torrent Safely In 2022

Best Tips To Torrent Safely In 2022

Torrenting means the act of uploading and downloading files using the BitTorrent protocol in a decentralized server. Then, all you have to do is check the number of seeders and leechers, and you are good to go.

But, even the best torrent sites are banned in some countries. Does that mean you don’t get to use torrent sites and watch free movies anymore? Of course, not.

All you have to do is indulge yourself in the best safety practices to use torrent and find out what it means to download files legally from torrents like thenewpiratebay. Although torrenting is not illegal, people’s opinions vary across the world, so it’s best to implement the safety measures once and for all.

How To Use Torrent Safely?

Torrenting is legal, but as it uses the P2P network sharing technology, it comes with the risk of spreading malware threats to your system. That’s why you must follow the safety tips mentioned here to ensure your computer stays protected from possible cyber threats.

1: Use A VPN

You must always use a VPN while you download files from torrent sites. A VPN will protect your online identity and will help you access the site even if your country has banned torrenting. All you have to do is change your IP address to another country, and you are good to go.

A VPN also lets you bypass geographic barriers and access digital content for free. It even hides your browsing history, which means your ISP can never track if you are using torrent or not. Thus, VPN keeps your anonymity intact while you surf the web.

2: Check The Comments

Before you download a file from torrent, make sure you check the comments. It’s just like checking the customer reviews when you shop for a dress online. Checking the online comments is mandatory to know the legitimacy of the file.

Previous users who downloaded the file will comment if it was laced with malware threats or did not contain what it was supposed to contain. Therefore, check the comments before downloading anything from torrent to ensure safety.

3: Use An Antivirus

An antivirus will block your downloads if it thinks the file contains viruses that will harm your computer. Therefore, use an antivirus, and let it scan your torrent file before you open it. Thus, it will ensure that no uninvited cyber threats are roaming your computer.

If you don’t use an antivirus, the virus-ridden file may erase all your computer data. Now, if you don’t have a backup, all your important files will be gone for good. Hence, installing an antivirus is a must if you frequently browse torrents.

4: Use A Reliable Torrent Client

Plenty of reliable torrent clients are available for free such as BitComet, μTorrent,qBittorrent, Transmission, Xunlei Thunder, Deluge, Tixati, and Vuze. These torrent clients are known for uploading original files.

More than that, if you download from these clients, your download will finish much faster than other torrent sites. However, no matter what we suggest, we urge you to conduct rigorous research before deciding which torrent client to use.

5: Download Files From Reliable Sources

While downloading files from torrent sites, you will come across plenty of sources. However, some of these sites will contain files with a high number of seeders and fewer leechers.

Always download files from these sites because these are the VIP sources. You can also check the user reviews from the below who have downloaded files from this site and have seeded them for future use.

6: Don’t Click The Pop-Ups

When you use torrent, plenty of pop-up ads will appear on your screen. Don’t make the mistake of clicking on those ads because these ads are from trackers. The moment you click on them, the tracker will know what you are doing on the site.

Thus, it will send the information back to the advertiser, and it will compromise the anonymity you are supposed to maintain while you are torrenting. Therefore, if you want to use torrent safely, do nothing apart from downloading the file you want.

7: Restrict Your Download And Upload Rate

If you plan to use torrent aggressively, you may risk exposing your online identity. That’s why we recommend you use torrent casually and limit your file upload and download rate to a certain extent.

Just set the upload rate to 70%-80% because it will speed up your download speed. On the other hand, keep your download rate to 0. You can configure these changes in the properties tab. Then, go to the bandwidth option, and make these changes to use the torrent safely.

The Bottom Line

We have shared the 7 best tips to use torrent safely in this article. Your frequent torrent use will not compromise your online safety if you follow these practices. Hence, if you find these tips beneficial, you can let us know in the comment section.

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