6 Best Applications That Are Great Virtual Learning Tools for?  

6 Best Applications That Are Great Virtual Learning Tools for?  

6 Best Applications That Are Great Virtual Learning Tools for?  

The world as a whole has now entered the era of online classrooms. The world of pedagogy has historically been divided into two camps: mathematics enthusiasts and cynical mathematics detractors. In all seriousness, mathematics is a touchy subject for the majority of students. However, with the advent of the internet, there are now several virtual resources available to assist students.

This article focuses on integrating the Best Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom, which students can use as an additional helping hand. Even though mathematics is a problem-solving subject, anyone can improve their understanding with an amusing comprehension technique. Whether it’s arithmetic problems, algebra, geometry, number theory, or even the mighty calculus and statistics, you have nothing to fear with the ideal virtual understanding tools.

Why Should Virtual Educational Tools Be Accepted?

Since the pandemic, education has shifted away from the traditional physical classroom and toward online instruction. With nearly everyone now having access to technology, virtual education has established itself as the new standard. Likewise, for online mathematics courses. Prior to the phase of covid-19, a small number of students would attend virtual classes to receive additional assistance following long days at school.

However, in the current environment, the majority of learners seek education through virtual learning tools. Nowadays, virtual education is a secure, cost-effective, and time-saving option. For a subject as significant as mathematics, the list of available virtual tools for teaching is virtually endless.

Mathematics Classrooms:

  1. Protractor

There are a plethora of virtual learning tools available for transforming routine math lessons into engaging ones. When teaching students the art of measuring angles, the application ‘Protractor’ can be used as a measuring tool. Children can master making acute, obtuse, right angles, and so on, with a few strokes on their mobile devices.

  1. The Geometry Pad

The application ‘Geometry Pad’ is extremely beneficial for teaching us how to plot graphs. They can also use it to highlight the coordinates and add additional notes to their screens. Numerous formulas and numerical data are available to assist students.

  1. Geoboard

‘Geoboard’ is an excellent elementary and middle school application. The application teaches students about polygons and triangles, as well as how to calculate area, perimeter, congruence, and fractions.

  1. Ruler

For pupils wishing to improve their proficiency with basic measurements, ‘Ruler’ would undoubtedly be an excellent choice. The application converts the monitor’s display into a ruler. It can be used to measure items in centimetres and inches. Additionally, the application aids in the resolution of area and perimeter problems.

  1. Pattern Shapes

‘Pattern Shapes’ is a children’s application. It is a virtual game-like application that teaches various shapes through the use of similar objects. This application is ideal for small children who are just beginning to learn mathematics.

  1. Glossary of MathTerms

Finally, there is the ‘MathTerms Glossary,’ a useful application. It functions similarly to a mathematical dictionary for students, assisting them in developing the vocabulary necessary for writing explanations and theories.

Additional Methods of Accessing Virtual Mathematics Classrooms:

While numerous applications motivate and assist students in developing their abilities, subjects such as mathematics require human justification. Virtual applications are beneficial in a limited way for a subject like mathematics that is based on explanation. However, there is little reason to be concerned, as there are other virtual options for transforming your own home into a math classroom. As previously stated, excellent online platforms are available to motivated students. For example, Math tutors at Preply, with their unmatched expertise, will undoubtedly assist children in mastering the subject in the comfort of their own homes. With accomplished math tutors from all over the world available at very reasonable rates, it’s undoubtedly a good selection. Students can remain indoors and still obtain the necessary knowledge. With face-to-face classes, doubt-clearing becomes more accessible, and the likelihood of slacking off decreases as well. Online tutoring can undoubtedly assist students in grasping concepts, obtaining answers to difficult questions, and, most importantly, having their skills evaluated. Self-improvement requires testing acquired knowledge!


According to the words above, the virtual era of education has begun. Virtual forms of learning may appear trivial or even intimidating to traditional learners. However, there is absolutely no reason to be fearful. With today’s technology, even subjects like math can be taught and learned effortlessly from home. Individuals have everything covered with virtual math classrooms. The tutors make a solemn commitment to preserving education’s true essence. There are numerous virtual tools available to educate about the subject. Each division of mathematics has a corresponding virtual tool for learners of all grades. These math classrooms are not only for teaching, but also for assisting students with their interrogations. Additionally, evaluations based on acquired knowledge are conducted to ascertain the student’s capacity to grasp and retain information. In the world of education, virtual tools are cutting-edge.

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