5 Ways to create a stamp design on your own

create a stamp design

create a stamp design

Create a stamp at your home and use it for your brand and documents. Some people prefer to rely only on themselves to get the result that they find perfect. Well, if you’re such a person, this article is definitely for you. In it, you will find out how to create a stamp yourself.

1. Online stamp makers

On the Internet, you can find services such as stamp makers. These are commercial online companies that give you an opportunity to develop a high-quality personalized seal quickly, cheaply, and without any designing experience. You can choose any shape you want, change the stamp color, add inscriptions, logos, pictures from the gallery, or even some decorative elements to make it look complete. One of the biggest services of this kind on the market is MyStampReady. It has got a wide range of features, cheap prices for downloading the design (from $2.50), several formats of layouts to choose from, and responsive tech support. By the way, this may be the only method to create a stamp online on your phone, because this is the only company of its kind that adapted their website for smartphones, too.

2. Adobe Photoshop

This graphic editor is the most popular one in the world. Its user-friendly interface with a lot of functions at the same time attracts many users. No wonder it can be used for creating a custom stamp as well. Having the proper level of designing, you can create a masterpiece by adding complex graphic ornaments to your rubber stamps and making it any shape you wish. However, your stamp does not have to be that sophisticated. This is one of those cases where simplicity is the key, so try to make the seal clear and gorgeous at the same time.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a program in which you can create logos, rubber stamps, and other graphical illustrations. Its main advantage versus Photoshop is that you can export the seal in SVG and PDF formats, which work best for a stamp manufacturing process. Moreover, creating a stamp in Adobe Illustrator will take less time than when using Photoshop because the interface is more adapted for these purposes. Even though this software is less popular, it works for logos and stamp design development.

4. Microsoft Word

At first, it may seem that the only reason for using Word is to create a text document. In fact, this software can be also used to create a stamp. The only disadvantage is that it won’t allow you to get creative with the decorations, because everything you have in your possession is geometric figures and inscriptions. If you put in some effort, you may successfully attach a logo right in the center of the stamp as well. Microsoft Word is not intended for designing, but after watching a couple of tutorials, you can attempt to develop your stamp design.

5. Ready-made stamp gallery

If you don’t want to bother with a stamp creation, but want to get an outcome that you will really like, try surfing the net and searching for some ready-made options that totally suit your case and look attractive. Getting back to MyStampReady, they have a large selection of online stamps in their gallery that you can personalize and modify particularly for you.

Why is creating a stamp on your own the best way?

1. Ideal outcome

Total control over the process is the main key to a perfect result. If you create a stamp yourself, you will get a product that you think is ideal, not the designer. Most logo and stamp developers definitely have more experience in this field and they may have worked with a lot of big companies, but you’re a promoter of your own brand, so you should take full responsibility.

2. The process itself is fast

If you need to get a stamp design immediately and there is no time to wait, it would be better to scroll through a stamp gallery or create a simple seal yourself. Designers may ask you to wait for some days, or maybe even weeks to complete the order.

3. You will spend little money

The work of professionals always costs a lot, and not everyone can afford it. Meanwhile, the biggest amount of money you will spend when creating a stamp yourself is $3.30 (if you decide to buy a DOCX preset on MyStampReady). With any luck, you may even develop your stamp design without spending anything. This is probably a major advantage for small companies, start-ups or individuals.

What details should you pay a lot of attention to when creating a custom stamp?

1. Choose the right shape

If the purpose of your seal is to point out some information and fit in a lot of text, using a round seal makes no sense. The best option, in this case, would be a rectangular stamp. If you want your stamp to be original and authentic, we recommend using a triangular or hexagonal shape. And the round stamp works best for the brand representation and its further promotion.

2. Make your stamp look complete

Try not to leave a lot of blank space when creating a stamp design. As it was mentioned before, experiment with decorative elements, add your website, create a slogan, or add a monogram. The more attractive your stamp will be, the better reputation your company will have among some of the customers.

3. Remember: logo is the main pattern of your custom stamp

We are convinced that your company logo must be the “heart” of the seal. All lines and geometric figures should help in pointing out the logo. You can make it separated from the other sectors of a stamp, make it thicker than other components, or resort to other methods. Your logo should be easy to notice on a stamp. This way, it will become more recognizable and associated with high-quality products or services.


The most surefire way to create a stamp is to do it yourself. Such an independent activity will save you money, and you will be able to develop a stamp design that you will personally like. Thanks to technological progress, these days there are a lot of ways to make a stamp from scratch, and you may get one without any experience in the field of design. Just find the most convenient method for you, and you will be happy with the final product.

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