5 Time-Tested Instagram Strategies for Your Travel Brand to Fly High



When it comes to travel and tourism, visual storytelling is its strongest point. Stunning images of exotic locations, things to see, food, and activities create buzz on social media platforms like Instagram. Then, as far as your audiences are concerned, they engage with your travel-based photos and videos and not your business. That is why you need to post nothing but beautiful pictures on a visual platform such as Instagram. 

These days, customers look for travel experiences that they pay for and so, you need to make them live that experience through Instagram visuals. It will make your customers inspired to book travel packages from your business. 

According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, there are numerous ways to grow your business on Instagram, one of which is building quality followers instead of the number of followers. Now, to achieve this goal, you need these Instagram strategies to make your travel business pop:

  1. Share genuine travel experiences 

Start by sharing jaw-dropping vacation images and videos on IG to increase user engagement on social media. Studies show that 76 percent of travelers post pictures and videos of the destinations they explored, be it a beach, hill station, desert, forest, or historical town. Again, 50 percent of all Instagrammers use the site to help them opt for a travel spot. All they do is see the photos and videos to make a decision. 

All of that means social media apps like Instagram play a pivotal role in the way travel enthusiasts plan a vacation and what they see, eat, and do when they reach their destination. Your travel business can benefit by engaging itself in the social media conversation between followers and vacationers on IG. 

  1. Reap the maximum benefits out of user-generated content

It is indeed true that user-generated content (UGC) is the most reliable Instagram content that you can leverage. Sharing or re-posting content of your customers will add more credibility and authenticity to your travel brand. Of course, you need to ask for the permission of your customers before sharing their travel images or videos on Instagram. 

When a user tags you, uses your business name or brand hashtag or shares content related to your travel business, you can share such content using a third-party app such as Repost for Instagram. Always seek permission, never edit their post, give them image credit, and mention that it is a re-post. It is one of the best ways to get comments on Instagram, interact with your audience, as well as, post reliable UGC for building more engagement. 

  1. Focus on advertising 

Today, Instagram is more than just travel voyeurism because Shop Now links as well as dynamic ads have made IG a shopping platform where customers can do something to opt for your travel products and services. These days, many travel companies are using third-party apps to make their IG feed shoppable. 

If you look at hotel brands, their dynamic ads related to travel display relevant information to their audience who have a passion for traveling to particular locations and during specific dates. You can also leverage Instagram’s video ads to tell an interesting brand story. Finally, you can ask your audience or followers to book or shop right away from your IG feed. Businesses like Airbnb are focusing on dynamic ads and so can you. 

  1. Provide outstanding customer service 

Based on the findings of Lithium (Khoros) on the status of social engagement in the tourism and travel sector, it was discovered that the majority of the travel businesses create their social media content to entertain and educate. Then, the key reason a tourist visits a travel company’s social media page is for instant guidance and support. That is the reason why response times are crucial when it comes to a followers’ post and failing to do so may lead to stranded tourists. 

It is important to note that Twitter is not the sole social customer service platform. Therefore, do not cast away individuals who may try to connect to your business through other social channels like Instagram. Today, brands in the hospitality industry have to do things smartly to build customer engagement and offer support through social media platforms. If you have a Twitch account so you can also buy Twitch followers easily via any trusted seller.

Your travel business needs to set up a social media engagement and monitoring tool to handle social response on a large scale. The key aspects to consider are prioritization of posts, conversation threading, and translation, no matter what social platform you use. 

  1. Promote IG as the best destination

Tell your followers the benefits of using Instagram and following your brand on this social site. Promote special content, behind-the-scenes shots, special discounts or deals, and things like that to gain more reciprocity on Instagram. You can even post a gallery of your travel photos with hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, and the website to pique the interest of new followers. 


Now that you have these time-honored Instagram strategies for your travel business, you can build engagement, increase likes and comments, and drive more qualified traffic to your travel website. 

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