5 Things to Have in Your Home Coffee Setup    



The thought of having your own coffee corner at the comfort of your home is every coffee lover’s dream. Aside from making your own cup of coffee exactly the way you want without spending too much, it would really be nice to have a coffee shop’s relaxing ambiance in your own space.

So, if you’re a coffee enthusiast and you want this dream to come true, aside from making your space cafe-inspired, you’ll surely need tools and gadgets that would complete your home setup. To help you start, here are five things that should be included in your list.

1. Electric Kettle 

One of the basics, but definitely one of the must-haves! A cup of coffee wouldn’t be complete without hot water, right? Not unless you’re a frappe type of person. Anyway, choosing an electric kettle could be an easy task but since you’ll be using this for your home coffee setup, it would be best to invest in one that’s of high quality

There are lots of brands available in the market, but if you’re going to invest in quality, Fellow Stagg is the one you should go for. Aside from the sleek design that’s perfect for an aesthetic vibe, their electric kettles have qualities and features that can level up your coffee experience. You can check a more in-depth product review on Fellow Stagg kettles by Sip Coffee House, a reliable source of coffee gadget reviews, to know more about this product.

2. Coffee Scale 

Since you’re on your way to a more serious coffee experience, you’ll definitely need a coffee scale to step up your game when making a cup of coffee. You may find it irrelevant now, but the right amount of coffee grounds really does make a big difference when it comes to the overall taste that’s definitely barista-approved. It’s really important to measure your coffee accurately.

3. Coffee Grinder 

If you’re more into coffee beans than grounds, then it’s best to invest in a noteworthy coffee grinder. What’s good about a coffee grinder is that it allows you to have the freshest coffee ever plus it enables you to control the grind size. Take note, only grind what you can consume so that you can preserve the quality of your coffee beans and of course, you can save more.

4. Coffee Machine 

Moving on, let’s move forward on the fancy and trendy gadgets in this present time. If you’re always on social media, you have definitely come across this picture-perfect gadget in every home coffee set-up. This item could be very expensive, but it can prepare your coffee within a few seconds and a few clicks. So if you want a gadget that can both do the job and improve your set-up, a coffee machine is a worthy investment.

5. Coffee Pods 

If you consider getting a coffee machine, you should get coffee pods as well. This is what you’ll need to refill on your machine in order to make a perfect cup of coffee fast and efficiently. Just see to it to always read the details to make sure that your pods are compatible with your machine.

Final Words 

Building your own home coffee set-up could really be expensive at the beginning since you’ll be investing in essential tools and gadgets. But, in the long run, you will be able to save more since you won’t have to spend money on overpriced coffees. Just make sure to prioritize buying the gadgets that you will be needing on a regular basis and not just for display.

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