5 keys to integrating Courier services in your Online eCommerce Business

Customer Care

Customer Care

Don’t have a shipping strategy yet? 61% of customers left the shopping cart because they consider that the associated costs, such as shipping, are too high.

This is the main reason for interrupting eCommerce transactions, losing conversions, and, more importantly, consumer trust. But, how to do so that this factor does not work against you?

A large part of the businesses related to electronic commerce does not have the capacity to attend a high volume of shipments. That is the importance of having a courier, but it is difficult to lean towards any one company in particular, as they all offer different added values ​​and better-covered routes than their peers. Furthermore, working with more than one at a time is unfeasible due to operational issues.

So what is the solution? A logistics partner. ShipBob works together with the main players in the market – such as Chilexpress and Starken – giving you the option of storage and preparation of dispatches so that you can only focus on boosting your business.   

While some of your customers will prefer an express service, others – who are located in remote locations – will require another type of dispatch. Therefore, outsourcing the shipping service, and even all the logistics, maybe the smartest decision you make. Keep in mind:

1. Hire a service tailored to you

You must choose the solution that best suits your needs and that is capable of giving customers several shipping options (such as Chilexpress, Starken or Correos de U.S), as some may be willing to pay for an express service, while others will prefer to wait and avoid the expense. In this sense, ShipBob optimizes your shipments by working with the main couriers,  like some customers like playing games and allowing the customer to prefer the alternative that suits them best.

2. Check the shipping reports daily

Courier companies provide e-commerce businesses with daily reports for you to review. The fact that the work is executed by professionals does not mean that there are no errors, and identifying them in time is key. To improve the service of your eCommerce, ShipBob has a notification system for failed deliveries, optimizing shipment tracking.

3. Online tracking

Monitoring shipments and making sure they arrive on the specified date – and in good condition – is key to improving both the consumer experience and your shipping processes. Did you know that ShipBob has real-time alerts? In this way, you can know the status of your products and react more quickly to errors or failures, thus raising the satisfaction levels of your audience.

4. Keep your inventory updated

Remember that the courier is not only made up of the order delivery service. The receipt of merchandise, storage in warehouses, classification according to your requirements and packaging are also part of it. Therefore, you must remain attentive to the entire chain of processes that is given to your inventory.

5. Don’t charge more than you should

Your business is not to transport or deliver goods: it is to sell the products you sell. Do not expect to take advantage of the shipments, charge just enough. Remember that many stores lose customers for handling very high rates in this area.

From all the above, there are a series of benefits associated with integrating a logistics partner in your eCommerce:

  • Increase your profitability, without investing in infrastructure.
  • Manage your inventory in an orderly manner, reducing operating costs.
  • Store and distribute according to your demand.
  • Spend your time on business and leave logistics in the hands of experts.
  • Reach anywhere in the world.

Integrating several courier services in your eCommerce business will allow you to improve sales, as well as increase the trust of your customers. Follow the tips we just reviewed and, in the short term, you will notice the improvements. Without a doubt, a smart decision that will allow you to fully focus on your company.

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