5 Growth Tactics to Increase Instagram Followers



From a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram has grown into one of the most influential social media platforms, not only for individuals but also for many companies across the globe that use it, with the unique possibilities it offers, to promote their products or services. With the right strategy and right information through Scrape Instagram, Instagram is the perfect channel where you can build such a relationship with your followers that it will increase your brand’s reputation, your customer loyalty, and ultimately, your sales.

However, running a successful Instagram business account isn’t a simple task. To make it less hectic you can purchase Instagram followers as well. That is why it is very important to take into consideration your Instagram growth as it will lead you to success in reaching your goal for your business or personal branding.

To make it a real asset, you must learn how to get more followers on Instagram, choose the right tactics for your needs and goals and build a strategy. This will not only help you attract more followers and retain them but also convert them into your future customers. To help you do that, we offer five tactics that you can implement to your strategy and make your Instagram account your business’ biggest asset.

1. Use the Appropriate Instagram Tools and Services

As Instagram is getting more and more useful for businesses, it has also inspired many tools and services, that make a profit by helping business accounts grow. Make sure that the one you choose focuses on organic growth because many of the tools you will encounter practically mean buying followers and engagement.

The positive thing about this is that the number of your followers will increase. The negative, however, is much more important. For one, being fake or inactive, the followers you buy, of course, won’t increase your engagement rate or your sales.

Moreover, businesses should never underestimate the intelligence of their prospects.

When a real user sees fake engagement or automated comments that don’t make sense most of the time, they will lose interest in your brand. So, fake followers will ruin your reputation. And finally, buying followers is against Instagram’s rules and can get your account banned.

2. Offer Relatable Content

Make sure that the content you share shows who you are. If users connect emotionally with you, there is a bigger chance they will follow you and engage with you. But you should also offer something useful to them.

3. Follow Relevant Instagram Users Who Might Follow You Back

Another tactic that can help you attract more people to your account, is to follow users that may be interested in your brand. For instance, you can research your competitors and see who is following them. Then follow them and interact with them casually. This tactic won’t cost you anything but time and dedication and it can be the simplest way to reach your ideal customers and raise brand awareness.

Once you find an account that interests you, follow them and comment on some of their publications. However, make sure you don’t overdo it because spamming will have a countereffect. Comment only on some posts, like those that have generated the most engagement or those you find most interesting.

4. Interact With Your Existing Followers

When you reach the right people and create good content, your followers will engage with you. To keep them interested and improve your account’s results, you should interact with them. Answer their questions, respond to comments, follow your most engaging followers back. Also, you should create content that will inspire engagement and user-generated content.

5. Collaborate With the Right Influencers

While becoming Instagram famous fast isn’t unheard of, for the most part, you can’t force going viral or magically attracting thousands of users to your content, no matter how good it is. So, instead, you may look for people who have already accomplished a large audience and can help you increase yours. Influencer marketing can be very effective if you find the right person to promote your brand.

There are several things you should consider when you are choosing which influencer you should contact. For one, they should have a lot of real followers. Look at their posts, see how much their audience engages with their content, and make sure that the comments aren’t fake. Furthermore, your target audience should be part of their audience. This means that they should be in the same or similar niche as you.

The influencer you choose to collaborate with should have the same values as your brand. In other words, you should choose a person that creates and shares content that you like and can stand behind, and which can be beneficial for your brand.

Final Words

Whether you have just opened your Instagram business account or you already have some followers, to grow in a meaningful way, you must focus on attracting quality followers and increasing your engagement rate. This way your Instagram account will bring organic traffic to your website and, most importantly, new customers.

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