5 Easy Ways to Maintain and Store Your Video Games Properly

Easy Ways to Maintain and Store Your Video Games Properly

Easy Ways to Maintain and Store Your Video Games Properly

Video games are something that should be taken care of. If you’re an avid video game fan, you may have already collected dozens to hundreds of video games over the years. Now, it’s not a good habit to just pile up your video game discs anywhere after you’re done playing. Video games aren’t cheap, after all. You must take care of your video games so they can last you long and you can get as many plays from them as you possibly can.

So, if you’re a video game fan and you collect video game discs, then this article is perfect for you! We’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to store and maintain your video game discs and cases properly, so they’ll always be in good condition. Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Keep them on a shelf

We’ve already mentioned that piling up your video games anywhere isn’t a good habit. So, it’s good to have a video game shelf that’s meant to keep your precious games looking neat and organized. You can find a lot of video game shelves in online stores like Storables.com that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors! Choose one that can hold all your video games, with some extra room for new ones that you’ll acquire over time. Make it a habit to keep all your games organized on a shelf that’s meant for them. When you keep your games organized in their rightful place, it becomes second nature, so you’ll never have to forget to store them properly.

2. Place the video game shelf in a cool dry place

It’s best to put your video game self far from the window or anywhere that would expose it to sunlight. Heat can severely damage your video game discs and deform them. Choose a spot in your house or bedroom where the shelf is safe from splashes of water and heat. If you have a heater, make sure that it’s far from your shelf. When you always keep in mind that outside elements can affect your video games, you’ll already know the right place to keep them in.

3. Put them back in their proper case

After playing a video game, always keep in mind to put them back in their proper case for future use. If you want to save some space on your video game shelf, then you can buy a few of those CD case notebooks that look like photo albums. With this, you can see the title of the video game with ease. But if you can keep their cases, then just make sure to place the discs accordingly so you won’t get confused. This will save you a ton of time rather than opening each case just to look for a specific game that you placed in a different case.

4. Dust your video game cases every once in a while

You’re probably not going to place all your video games frequently. There will always be some games you’ll just keep on your shelf. So, it’s important to use a soft cloth to wipe the cases or a duster to dust off the dust on the cases. Be gentle when cleaning the cases and try not to use any abrasive material because you might just ruin them.

5. Clean the video game discs

Over time, your discs can still collect dust and grime. It’s good to give your video game discs some love by keeping them clean before storing them away for a long time. Moist can ruin the disc and give you problems when playing.

To clean the disc, hold it with your pointer finger in the disc’s hole and your thumb on the edge. Then use a soft dry cloth to clean from the middle going outward. Make sure to put it back in its proper case after cleaning, too! We highly recommend just using a soft dry cloth to clean the discs, because disc cleaners can also cause some damage in the long run. If you maintain your video game discs properly and clean them regularly, there’s really no need for additional solvents or cleaners.

Give your video games some love!

And those are five easy ways to properly store and take care of your video game discs. These tips and tricks are easy to follow, and you won’t have a hard time maintaining your precious video games. As you have spent a lot of money on your video games, it’s only fair for you to take care of them and maintain them well so that you can use them for years to come. We hope these tips help you out. Share these with your fellow gamers so they can also learn a thing or two about maintaining their video games.

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