5 best Kinemaster Alternative app for Android

Kinemaster is one of the best video editor apps for Android. Kinemaster will give you all the features you would expect from a native PC editor. It offers video layer options, audio enclosure, Chrome key, VFX green-screen effect, stickers, text, cut, trim, merge, image slideshow, animation and many more. It also has a video layer option with 1000 properties to enhance video multiplication. If you are looking for video editor apps like Kinemaster, we suggest 5 best alternative apps for it. For that, you continue to read this article. Check: Kinemaster for pc download


A great alternative to the Kinemaster application is the Powerdirector. It is a popular and powerful video editor application with video layer support. It also features other popular video effects such as slow-motion, reverse video, background correction and more. Also, this app supports Chroma Key which gives you the power to create cinematic visual effects.

This application is found with all the basic editing features needed to create the best video maker app. Its restrictions are difficult for beginners to understand. However, once they are used you can create a very professional and effective video output in minutes. It provides many effects and changes to add to your video creation. This application is very helpful for creating green screen videos and adding VFX effects. This app provides a complete list of video tutorials mainly for learning enthusiasts.

Powerdirector Key Features

  • It has a deep audio editor.
  • Used to combine image and video in a movie.
  • Contains chroma key for background editing.
  • Provides video editing effect
  • Also found in PiP Video Overlay.
  • Has colour and contrast controls.
  • It also has basic editing skills such as organizing, splitting and merging.


VivaVideo is a popular video editor application. This would be a great alternative to the Kinemaster app. It gives you pro-level control without any watermarks and all the best features for free at no charge so using this app is completely free. But there are some limitations to use like Edit Watermark. You are likely to encounter ads. No more time limit and option to customize the background. But with the paid version of the Viva Video app, you can easily access these features. For professionals and amateurs alike, this app gives you a pro-level control over the editing process on mobile.

Key features of the VivaVideo app

  • Video clips can be organized and merged in storyboard editing.
  • Videos can be enhanced with FX, stickers, music, filters, 3D transitions.
  • You can do live dubbing on video.
  • Unlimited video length. Provides feature.
  • Supports multiple capture options like Basic, Selfie, FX, Fun, Music Video.
  • Features Photo Slideshow Maker.
  • Used to edit, merge, organize, split, reverse, copy, rotate, blur, video reverse, video playback, etc. of video.

Video Maker

Photo Maker with Music & Video Editor Video Maker is used as a slideshow maker and easy video editing tool with image motion effect. It is used to smoothly create videos with effects, filters, themes, doodles, gifs, animations, stickers and background music. Allows you to share trim, merge, voice-over, dub, split, compress and edit. It excels as a professional video editing application. It works to meet all your video customization requirements.

Key Features of Video Maker

  • Used to create cuts and merge them.
  • Provides a number of themes for high-level effects.
  • Provides music without royalties.
  • Has features like beauty effect and filters.
  • Image animations and stickers are found.
  • The video speed control feature is found to control the speed of the video.


VideoShow is best seen as a popular video maker application. This application is found with a distinctive cult among many countries. This application provides you with all the basic editing functions. It looks like an instant video editing application with many themes and graphic designs that you can embed in a photo slideshow or video. This application includes stickers, gifs, video and audio playback controls and other basic tools for creating a great video with all FX.

Key Features of VideoShow Application

  • Has a high level of customization.
  • Features music, transitions, sound effects and live dubbing.
  • Found 50+ themes for free and multiple music effects.
  • Also used to create Gif with sticker effects.
  • FX, trim, cut and merge effects are also seen.
  • Allows video reversal and video file compression with zoom effects.


Quik is a free video editor application for photos, clips, and music apps. And it is a quick application. This allows the application to host multiple pre-configured templates for you to use to create effects without much editing. You can select your favourite photos and video clips. If you select the effect you want to apply, the rest will be done by Quik in seconds. It adds beautiful transitions and effects. Allows everything to sync with the beat of the music. You can manually edit and add effects if you wish. Layer Video Edit lets you go with Quick if you do not want to involve yourself in one layer.


Key features of the Quik app

  • Supports automatic adjustment to create better effects by exploring images or video.
  • Allows you to choose from 23 themes and make changes and graphics to each one.
  • Used to adjust the font, filters and graphics to suit your style.
  • Video speed controls and Jio-tagging support are found.
  • Also, it supports all major video formats
  • Features such as stickers, animations, trims and merging.
  • Works simply without much hassle.

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Kinemaster is considered to be the best video editor application for Android with Chroma key, audio and video layer support. If you want to have a great alternative application like this app to create great video edits on your mobile you can choose any of the 5 apps we mentioned above. And use it to your advantage.

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