4 Surprising Things Your HUAWEI P30 Lite Can Do



We will share 4 tips in article you can do with your Huawei P30 Lite, one of the most complete mid-range mobile of 2021.

Huawei P30 Lite is one of the most popular mid-range phones in the world. The latest software version is EMUI 10, which a few days ago began to be officially distributed. This new version brings a series of novelties aimed at increasing the possibilities of the phone, possibilities that we will discuss below along with those that we can find in EMUI 9.

Take Long Exposure Photos With The Huawei P30 Lite

Surely you have ever seen images on the Internet with trails of lights in the distance of cars, stars or aeroplanes. This type of photography, called long exposure photography, allows us to collect the beam of light from all objects that move within a plane through the shutter aperture for several seconds.

To make use of this function in our huawei p30 lite we will have to go to the Huawei Camera application and then to More. Within this section, we will click on the option of Painting with light and then any of the four modes that the application presents. Light trails, Light graffiti, Soft waters or Star trails.

It is advisable to obtain the best results by taking the pictures with a tripod or on a static surface.

Identify Objects With The P30 LITE’S Camera To Search For Them On The Internet

Didn’t you just know the exact model of a pair of sneakers on display in your neighbourhood store? Thanks to HiVision we can identify any object that our phone’s camera captures. Activating this function is as simple as clicking on the icon that is displayed in the upper left corner within the Camera application.

After granting the respective permissions, we will select any of the four modes present in the application. To identify objects we will have to select the Purchasing function. If we want to translate a text in real time, scan a printed document or identify an element through Artificial Intelligence, we can choose the rest of the modes.

Duplicate The Screen Of The P30 LITE On A Smart TV

With the Wireless Projection function, we no longer have to use a cable to see the phone screen on a television. This function can be found in the Device connection section in the Settings application. Before starting to scan new devices, we will have to make sure that we have a Smart TV compatible with the Screen Mirroring function.

Once the device is synchronized, the process is as simple as clicking on Connect. The phone screen will automatically be shown on the TV: from applications to videos and images from applications such as YouTube or Gallery.

Customize The Appearance Of The HUAWEI P30 LITE With Themes

Did you know that you can install third-party themes on your Huawei mobile to customize it to your liking? Wallpapers, fonts, colors, animations … To change the theme of the phone we will have to go to the Main screen and wallpaper section. Within Themes, we can change the appearance of the system independently: the wallpaper, on the one hand, the typography on the other and so on.

If we want to download third-party themes, we can go either to the Play Store by searching for “EMUI 9/10 themes” or to the Themes for Huawei application that we can download directly from the Google store. The latter has a fairly significant number of personalized themes that we can download for free on our device.

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