3 reasons to consider acoustic insulation for your business space

acoustic insulation

acoustic insulation

When we hear the word “insulation”, we all know what that means.  Although a technical term that can refer to any ways in which we try to stop heat from transferring, we’re most commonly talking about the sort of thermal insulation in our walls that keep our houses and premises warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.  But what we’re going to talk about today is the sort of acoustic insulation that more and more home and business owners are discovering the key benefits of each and every day.

First, the really good news: while not a replacement for thermal insulation, installing acoustic insulation also has the sort of thermal insulating properties that also make a building more comfortable and energy efficient.

But acoustic insulation really is something special, because it does something else that is also extremely useful, both for the home and business consumer: achieving the quiet that until now may have been elusive.

Strategically installing acoustic insulation is perhaps the simplest, most effective but also an increasingly accessible and cost-effective way to control not just the transfer of heat between rooms and levels, but also the transfer of sound.  We often hear about a room or venue’s ‘acoustics’ – a music studio or a symphony hall.  In this context, what ‘acoustic’ is referring to is the way sound is transmitted within that space.  Control it well and precisely enough with quality acoustic insulation, and whatever space you happen to be dealing with will be the peaceful, productive space you desire with all the peace of mind of a quality, long-term investment.

What makes acoustic insulation so effective?

If you’ve been in a space fully and strategically protected by acoustic insulation, you already know the sensation of all those sounds and also vibrations being effectively absorbed by the high-density insulated barrier.  For your personal, specialist or commercial/industrial purposes, the key benefits are obvious:

  1. More privacy

Whether a house, a room or a money-making space, noise simply has a harder time making its way in and out of a space shielded by the vast range of various acoustic insulation products.  You might be blocking out external noise, keeping in a racket, or creating the perfect acoustics for your activities, the various ways to control your space is fully customisable.

  1. More value

It’s an extremely rare situation in which acoustic insulation will be judged negatively by tenants, workers or residents, making it a firm selling-point and therefore a sound long-term investment.  And for those highly-specialised, commercially-perfected, sound-controlled spaces, acoustic performance is often the customised addition that makes or breaks the transaction.

  1. More properties

It’s only natural that when some people hear about acoustic insulation, they’ll immediately think only of the sound-related benefits.  But as touched upon earlier, acoustic insulation also possesses many of the properties of ‘normal’ or thermal insulation.  In fact, in many ways, the hyper-dense nature of acoustic insulation’s common materials can even be better at that by trapping and absorbing not only those sound waves, but also closing down the gaps and creating a truly sealed insulating barrier.

The acoustic insulation you require will depend on the size and specification of your space, the qualities and features of the walls or other insulation locations, the ideal material, mass or product form, the desired acoustic performance, and your budget.  Need help?  Ask an expert today to get started.

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