2022 Trends in Construction Technology

Construction Technology

Construction Technology

No matter the industry, in 2022 technology continues to play a fundamental and ever-increasing role – as our tech continues to develop, it becomes more efficient, more powerful, and more applicable, pushing the horizons of our development further forward.

Construction is no different. Of course, as humans, construction has been a vital part of our development for thousands of years, allowing us to create the settlements, towns, and eventually cities that have seen our civilization blossom. In each instance, technology and technological understanding is what has allowed people to build ever larger, more complex, and increasingly grand buildings as time has gone on and lately you can partner with a digital dealership which has proven to a breakthrough in construction industry.

While practical technologies can only improve by so much, in the modern world, digital technology has opened a seemingly endless world of possibilities for improving aspects of construction, such as efficiency, complexity, accuracy, and safety. Especially now that the state of the environment is now at the forefront of society’s priorities, buildings now require a more complex planning and building process that minimizes the impact on the environment.

Read on to find out more about 2022’s Construction Technology trends.

Artificial Intelligence 

As with the majority of industries in 2022, artificial intelligence is playing a key role in the advancement of knowledge and processes in construction, allowing companies and individuals to go way beyond the capabilities of the human mind and body.

Automating construction processes is a huge win for consumers and construction firms, as it allows manpower to be used in other places while also removing negative aspects of human performance such as human error and tiredness – making for an overall faster and more reliable construction process.

AI is also great for master planning, as the ability to analyze millions of data points and take into account thousands of variable factors means that plans are fully costed and optimized to the highest level possible.

Smart Hard Hats

In 2022, the rise of the Internet of Things means that it’s never a surprise to see that seemingly innocuous devices are now internet-connected – and this group of products includes construction hard hats.

With so many moving parts, heavy machinery and materials, chemicals, unfinished platforms, and often considerable heights involved in construction, maintaining the safety of construction workers is of paramount importance.

That’s why connected hardhats are now in use, as they allow for easy and clear communication between workers and their management – alerting the other workers to problems such as light-headedness, overheating, or a fall accident.

Particle Size Analysis

The use of particle size analyzers in construction is important for maintaining standards of quality, as well as ensuring the absolute precision of measurements and reducing the need for redoing tasks.

Many materials used in construction, such as cement, depending on the particulate to be precisely correct, as even seemingly imperceivable changes to particle size and distribution can lead to vastly different properties.

If the particle size is too large, it will leave a ‘grainy’ consistency on the finished product, while undersized particles can cause dustiness and filter blockages. Particle size analyzers can measure particles down to the nanometre range.

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